From red carpet to real life… SUSANNA REID

From red carpet to real life… SUSANNA REID: Forget picnics on the beach, I am desperate to hit the TIP!

  • Susanna Reid said she is planning her day trip to the tip and has loaded her car
  • She congratulated Captain Sir Tom Moore on Twitter and received a reply
  • TV presenter revealed that while her house has had a makeover she has not 

Now that we’ve been given a longer leash by the Prime Minister, I’m planning my first day trip and I’m giddy with excitement.

I’m packing up the car, donning my sunglasses, and looking forward to spending a few hours surrounded by other day trippers with the same idea.

No, I’m not heading for the hills, or taking my chances with Sussex police on the A23 trying to get to Brighton beach for a picnic.

In fact, you couldn’t call where I’m going a beauty spot at all.

My destination is an eyesore just off a gnarly roundabout south of the Thames. It will probably have a distinctive scent about it on a hot weekend afternoon, yet it’s so popular there’ll be a long queue.

Susanna Reid said she is planning her day trip to the tip and has loaded her car after decluttering during lockdown

Yes, I’m heading for the tip. The car is already packed with all the clutter I’ve cleared over the past two months. I’ll be joining the one-way system for disposing rubbish, keeping my head down to avoid checking out what the other visitors are throwing away.

Don’t ask me why, but it always feels intrusive to look at other people’s junk.

I’m not ashamed to admit, I’m rather excited. Before lockdown, doing a clear-out felt like a chore for which I never had the energy. And anyway, don’t you find that clearing up around children is like trying to sweep the leaves while the wind is still blowing?

To be honest, I’m no Marie Kondo at the best of times. I like living in comfortable clutter and have a peculiar kind of perception that enables me to ignore it. I call it Mess Blindness.

Occasional flashes of clear-sighted vision will reveal a four-day stack of newspapers on the kitchen counter that I have happily been cooking around. Or the rats’ nest tangle of wires that defunct chargers create when abandoned for too long, taking up a huge chunk of my workspace.

But after weeks indoors looking at the clutter — apart from early morning escapes to work — I’ve been driven to blitz the house, even piling up items for disposal in the garden while we waited for tips to reopen. There’s two sofa cushions that Suki the cat has made a mess of, an unused Christmas tree stand, an ugly black plastic TV table and an old suitcase with a wonky wheel. And piles and piles of boxes and packaging that won’t fit into my recycling bin.

Clearing up some things makes me wistful. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition has earned its place in the kitchen cupboard, as we played the board game regularly when the boys were only allowed out for an hour a day.

Now they have unlimited time outdoors, the only hope of it getting a warm reception again is likely to be at Christmas (just after I kick myself for buying another stand for the tree).

So my house has finally had a makeover. Sadly, I can’t say the same for myself. Everything is upside down these days: normally I’m OK with a little clutter, but always on top of my beauty routine of root touch-ups and fake tan appointments. At the moment, it’s the opposite.

Although the other outing I’m longing for is to my hairdresser. I’ve attempted to cover my rapidly expanding greys with my stockpile of dye, but I dread to think what it looks like at the back. My salon sent out an email suggesting they were optimistic about a return of sorts in July and have set up a priority system for bookings. I’ve never returned an email so quickly.


What Captain Sir Tom Moore has done for NHS charities is incredible at any age, let alone at 100. 

And he is on Twitter! I sent him a direct message after our interview to congratulate him on his knighthood and received a gracious reply. 

At 100, he has more star quality than any ‘celebrity’ I’ve known.

I’ve smeared tanning mousse over myself, but there’s a patch between my shoulders that’s tricky to reach with my tanning mitt. I can’t wait to see Lauren so she can expertly wield her spray gun for an all-over glow.

Of course, in reality, the thing we’re missing most is contact with our loved ones.

Last week, I ventured out to the park with my mum at a two-metre distance. It felt wonderful to see her properly, but walking with a self-imposed gap between you feels oddly self-conscious when you’re normally arm-in-arm.

I adore the ‘cuddle curtain’ one man in Stoke-on-Trent made, fashioned from a shower curtain, so he can wrap his arms around his grandmother.

If he markets it, I’m sure he could make millions.

The truth is, the unusual burst of energy that led to my house makeover is one of the ways I’m distracting myself from what really matters. Right now, I’d dump everything for a hug with my mum and dad.

The day Bradley Cooper asked me out on a date 

Actor Bradley Cooper, pictured, is coping with his out-of-control lockdown locks by wearing his daughter’s pink hairband, but I know he has a good head of hair from interviewing him on BBC Breakfast.

I got the shock of my life when, live on air, he asked me out.

Actor Bradley Cooper, is coping with his out-of-control lockdown locks by wearing his daughter’s pink hairband, but I know he has a good head of hair from interviewing him on BBC Breakfast (pictured) 

Bradley said he would be taking his mum to the Oscars, but had a ‘plus one’ for the BAFTA awards. Would I like to join him?

He promised to get me back to Manchester early for viewers the next day.

‘That would be hilarious,’ I replied, losing my cool. The joke was on me, of course, because he never followed it up, so I didn’t get to wear my best hairband for the occasion.

Smash into Piers’ Aston Martin? No, I kept my two-metre distance!

This week, the rear light of Piers Morgan’s precious Aston Martin, pictured, was damaged and he says I’m the prime suspect.

He claims it happened when it was outside our studio and, as I park my car close by, the finger of suspicion points heavily at me.

I plead not guilty, your honour. Although we have to do a tight three-point turn when leaving work, I pride myself on my driving skills. I’m not intimidated by a tight spot of parallel parking, passed my driving test first time and was always the designated driver in my group of friends.

This week, the rear light of Piers Morgan’s precious Aston Martin, (pictured), was damaged and he says I’m the prime suspect

My bumpers are flawless, with no telltale scratches or remnants of embedded plastic.

And I have the ultimate defence. I can’t have gone near his pride and joy because, even when it comes to cars, I am religiously adhering to the two-metre social distancing rule.

Bye bye to Blackpool

Inevitable I suppose, but cancelling Blackpool would be a significant blow to Strictly Come Dancing.

When you start out on the show, and reporters ask how you think you’ll get on, it’s almost illegal not to say ‘I just want to get to Blackpool’.

I’ll never forget the moment I was led, with my hands over my eyes, into the Tower Ballroom for the very first time. 

The ornate ceiling, velvet boxes, and the Wurlitzer organ that emerged from the depths of the ballroom floor took my breath away.

My dance partner Kevin Clifton choreographed a dramatic paso to music from Bizet’s Carmen, and the audience response at the end registered 108.6 decibels. 

It will be so sad if the home of ballroom doesn’t see a Strictly show this year. 

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