From smart glasses to watch TV to wallet tracker – the best tech for 2022

SMART GLASSES that create the effect of a giant TV and a collar that monitors your dog’s stress levels have been unveiled at the world’s biggest tech show.

Titans Google and Microsoft had to appear virtually at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – but there were still plenty of gizmos to see. Here are my top picks.

Smart glasses give illusion of 140in screen

A new version of TCL’s “wearable display glasses” has built-in micro screens that give the wearer the effect of viewing a 140in screen from around 13ft away.

Speakers giving 3D sound are in the arms. Portable, lightweight and with 47 pixels-per-degree resolution it offers cinema-like clarity, too. Handy for watching movies in a tiny room.

Stressbuster for dogs

This canine health tracker can also locate Fido if you lose him chasing a rabbit. Using various sensors, it monitors heart rate and breathing plus activity like walking and running, scratching, eating, drinking, barking and resting.

These can indicate health or behaviour issues on the app. There’s a monthly £10 fee.

No waiting for bath to fill

THE bathroom specialist’s new product fills your bath to the perfect temperature and depth.

It has a drain kit and digital valve – so no waiting on a cold morning, or fears of flooding your bathroom if you forget it’s running. Links to Alexa, so you can tell her to do it.

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Keep track of rucksack

Targus Cypress Hero EcoSmart backpack with Find My technology, around £130, on sale in spring

AS with the Chipolo you can use Apple’s Find My app to locate this bag if it goes missing. The tracker is integrated in the bag, so a thief can’t just take it out.

Unable to locate your iPhone? Press a button on the backpack and the phone will beep to help you find it.

Don’t lose your wallet

MAKES use of Apple’s Find My network to track down your lost gadgets. This one is credit card-sized and you put it in your wallet.

It’s like Apple’s own AirTags, which are circular and chunky and refuse to stay in a purse or wallet.

Time for new watch strap

COOL, colourful straps AND faces for Apple Watch, featuring logos and characters from Marvel, Star Wars, Arsenal FC and more. Better value and more fun than Apple’s versions.

Straps come with matching faces that can be downloaded. For example, you get Tom hidden in a block of cheese on the Tom & Jerry one.

Battery-free TV remote

LIKE the previous TV remote that used solar energy instead of batteries, the Samsung Eco Remote can now also recharge itself by harvesting radio waves emitted by wifi routers.

The technology is enough to power a remote but would not be enough for more energy-hungry gadgets like phones – yet. The small solar panel can also get energy from indoor lights.

Monitor weight and more

SMART scales that do much more than measure your weight. The clever tech includes an array of sensors to monitor your body composition plus cardiovascular measurements and nerve activity.

See how new glasses look

IF you wear glasses, it’s hard to see what a new pair will look like on.

This clever service – on websites such as Fashion Eyewear and due to roll out to optician stores – will take a picture of you in your current pair and superimpose the set you want to try on in their place.

Bluetooth for your vinyl

WITH vinyl sales at a 30-year high, the British hi-fi specialist’s new Alva ST lets fans listen to songs from the turntable in high quality on compatible wireless headphones, thanks to aptX HD Bluetooth.

There’s also the fancier TT V2 turntable.

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