Galaxy S9: Samsung’s 2018 Flagship Could Be Eclipsed By The Midrange Galaxy A6

Samsung’s midrange game is getting very good… Maybe a little too good.

The Galaxy S9 series is arguably the best smartphone line that Samsung has manufactured to date, featuring robust internals and a killer camera. Inasmuch as the device is formidable, it is also incredibly expensive, priced at about $849 for the 5.8-inch model and north of $900 for the 6.2-inch S9+. While the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a great device that can justify its price, the imminent arrival of the latest entry into Samsung’s ever-improving midrange line can tip the scales in favor of the company’s cheaper handsets.

As noted in a Trusted Reviews report, Samsung is working on yet another midrange device — dubbed the Galaxy A6. The Galaxy A6 will be placed right below the stellar and incredibly bang-for-your-buck Galaxy A8 and A8 Plus, which boast near-comparable specs as Samsung’s flagship without the flagship’s price. As could be seen from the latest reports about the device, the A6 could prove to be an even more practical alternative to the Galaxy S9.

Benchmark results of the Galaxy A6 are pretty good for a midranger. If leaks are to be believed, the Galaxy A6 will feature a 5.6-inch Infinity Display, an Exynos 7870 SoC, 3GB of RAM, a 16 MP front-facing camera and a 16 MP rear-facing shooter. A larger version of the handset — rumored to be the Galaxy A6 Plus — is also rumored for release, featuring even better specs that include a 6-inch Infinity Display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC, and 4GB of RAM.

As noted in a report from The Express, a key advantage of the Galaxy A series is the fact that they offer great performance at a price point that’s significantly lower than the company’s pricey flagships. The Galaxy A series has even started looking like the company’s flagship devices, being equipped with Infinity Displays and sleek frames that put Apple’s iPhone SE and iPhone 8 to shame.

Overall, Samsung is doing a great job with its smartphones. No longer does it feel like the South Korean tech giant is just throwing devices at the wall to see which sticks. Now, the company seems like it is adopting a focused strategy. Unfortunately for Samsung, the improvements in its midrange line appear to be far too good for its own good.

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