Get ready for February with your star sign’s horoscope for the month

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February is here, and Aquarius season with it. Get ready for the month ahead with your star sign’s horoscope. 

It’s done. We made it through January. Let’s all give ourselves many pats on the back and perhaps a little treat (or two) for a job well done. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to February, and all the intrigue Aquarius season will bring. 

So, what’s coming up this month? Our astrology calendar kicks things off with a full moon in Leo on 5 February, which will bring the drama. All of our inner feelings around ego, recognition (or lack thereof) and tenacity will bubble up like a volcano, ready to erupt. 

Next up, Mercury enters Aquarius on 11 February, which will bring an energy that gets you ready to hustle and make shit happen. Don’t stress, it’s not all girlboss-ery this month. On 18 February, the sun will enter Pisces, which loosens us all up and brings a dreamy, romantic vibe for the rest of the month. 

Sadly, that doesn’t hit quite in time for Valentine’s Day, but thankfully there are no major retrogrades or planetary shifts that spell trouble for 14 February. The stars do suggest some fire for the day… just go with the flow and don’t get burned. 

In the final days of the month, the new moon on 20 February will bring up themes of imagination and inspiration (so perhaps plan to work on your novel that evening?), while on the same day, Venus enters independent Aries. With the sun and moon departing from disciplinarian Saturn, you’ll feel a sense of relief. You can relax, breathe, and just be. 

That’s your general forecast for February covered. Ready to get more specific? See how the next month will pan out for your star sign with your horoscope ahead. 


21 March to 19 April

For Aries, the beginning of February will be all about friendship, and appreciating your pals for who they really are. 

For some, this might lead to romance… is there a friend you’ve been harbouring a secret crush on? Be warned: we know there’s an urge to do a dramatic proclamation of love on Valentine’s Day, but the stars are hinting that this isn’t the best way forward. Instead, taking things slow with whoever you’re interested in can give the connection space to build. 

Post-Valentine’s Day, you might feel a need to go hermit mode – spending time alone with your thoughts, doing some soul-searching, that kind of thing. Go for it. This time will help you realise your worth. 


20 April to 20 May

There’s some kind of block stopping you from presenting the best version of yourself to the world. Maybe you want to embrace a new aesthetic, or you’re not feeling totally authentic at work. What’s holding you back? Now’s the time to figure that out and make a plan to address it. 

Your Valentine’s Day has potential to be a real treat. If you’re coupled up, a cozy night in could hit the spot. Single? Round up your mates for a great dinner. This is a time to really enjoy time spent with the people you adore. 

Towards the end of the month, you might find yourself so swept up with socialising and working on goals that you neglect that all-important ‘me time’. Sort that out, sharpish. Remind yourself of your big values and keep them at the forefront of your mind. Reconnect with yourself. 


21 May to 20 June

This month, be the snake. Not in the slippery sense, but instead shedding that old skin. You’re holding onto some old ideas and mind frames that, if you get really honest with yourself, you know are no longer serving you. You might still feel some attachment to these, but trust the stars – they’re telling you it’s time to let go. Get chatting with different people and pick up some new books to get a new perspective. 

On a totally different vibe, your Valentine’s Day is looking like a lot of fun in the sex department. Let loose and have fun – this is a great way to let off steam, which is needed at a time when it feels like all eyes are on you at work. 


21 June to 22 July

Prepare for introspection. We’re getting deep this month, Cancer friends. 

February for you will be all about the connection between the emotional and the material. What does that mean, you may ask? It’s all about looking at how your emotional state feeds into your approach to finances, and vice versa. Now is the time to focus on both areas and seek support from those you trust to chart a path through the tricky bits. 

Astrology says your Valentine’s Day will deliver something special. Gifts? Appreciation? Quality time? It’s not clear, but whatever wonderful thing comes your way, take a moment to really savour it. 

Self-worth is a big theme for Cancers this month. You’ll be on a real Eat, Pray, Love journey, whether that’s actually galivanting abroad or doing some work on yourself at home. Soon, this effort will pay off. You’re practically glowing with self-confidence and stability. 


23 July to 22 August

Hey, you. Are you feeling a tad moody? You can blame the full moon, which will hit on 5 February in your sign. This will bring emotions up to the surface – sorry, but you won’t be able to ignore them anymore. 

Remember that you don’t have to process the hard stuff alone. The people in your life have noticed you’re not feeling great and they want you to share. I promise, they can handle it. Trust them and share the load. 

It might also be worth exploring why you haven’t been keen to dig deeper into your emotions so far. What’s going on? What’s causing your fear of being a little vulnerable? Your big challenge this month is taking emotional risks and letting yourself feel it all. 


23 August to 22 September

The planets are pushing you to confront issues that you may have with self-expression. You’re feeling self-conscious and questioning everything. Shake it off. Change up your plans and do something outside of your comfort zone to wave away the dust and feel renewed. 

Your Valentine’s Day is looking emotional. You’re going to be all in your feelings, newly aware of just how deep they go. Don’t hide them – share the love and remind people just how much you care for them. 

Later on in the month there’s a theme of renewal in the realm of love. If you’re single, that might look like a new potential partner. If you’re in a relationship, perhaps you’re ready to take things to the next stage. Get ready to get closer.


23 September to 22 October

You’re being pulled in too many different directions, letting yourself be influenced by everyone around you – your colleagues, family, friends, people online. Your February needs to be about grounding yourself, really getting back to what you think, feel and like. That’s how you get back to feeling like your true self. 

The stars are aligning this month to urge you to have some fun. Do things that bring you real joy, not just the stuff you ‘should’ be doing. Remember that enjoyment is as important (if not more!) than being productive. Let the joy in. 


23 October to 21 November

All work and no play makes Scorpio a stressed adult. You’ve been putting a lot of attention on your career, so much so that it may cause some instability emotionally at home. Some balance is needed in these areas of your life. 

Although your mind is on your work, you still have the potential to enjoy Valentine’s Day. It looks like you’re lined up to get some sweet gifts and romantic moments, but if that’s not happening, take this as an opportunity to treat yourself.  

You’ll also feel good energy around picking up a new hobby this month or reconnecting with an old one you used to love. Do it. The stars say now’s a great time and that you’ll soon find your groove. 


22 November to 21 December

Agh, what’s that itchy, uncomfortable feeling? That’s a desire for change, but not knowing exactly how to go about it. The answer? Try things out and see what clicks. You could change location, try a new way of thinking, take a class, learn something new – the options are endless, but you need to do something different to scratch that itch. 

With the moon in your sign for Valentine’s Day, you may be a little more sentimental than usual. You’re swept up in the romantic day and you want to enjoy yourself some way somehow. Try to set up some dates or do something fun that week. 

Later on in the month you’ll be reflecting on your home, family, and inner self. That itch for change might extend to these areas too. Before you pack up and move to a new house or ponder overhauling your family dynamic (stop browsing pet rehoming listings, please), try making a different, fun change to see if a life overhaul is still what you really want, or if it was just your aversion to stillness rearing its head. 


22 December to 19 January

You’re looking for a new normal and you’re wondering where to start. Diving deep into some of your emotional crutches can help you realize how to become more stable in all aspects of your life. Digging deep from within can be a lot but it’s worth it. 

Your Valentine’s Day will probably be more chill than usual and you don’t mind that. Spending alone time with the one you love (or lust) is always a treat. This might even be the moment where the ones closest to you will notice all the inner work you’ve been doing.

February will bring you the energy to switch up your way of thinking to align with your big dreams and goals. You’re ready to get inspired. Get going and make things happen at the tail of the month. 


20 January to 18 February

It feels like you’ve been talking to a brick wall recently, and you’re ready to bring out the sledgehammer. Before you go nuclear, take a moment to ponder why you’re not being heard. Do you need to change up your delivery? Is something getting lost in translation? Don’t get angry at us, we’re not saying it’s all your fault. Just focus on the end goal and see how you can get there. 

For 14 February, the more you effectively communicate, the better the day will go. Allow your passions to be heard. 

Later on in the month, you might feel a bit sensitive around communication issues. Don’t let this put a dent in your sense of self-worth. Some people are dicks. Don’t let them get you down. Build up your self-confidence to let the jabs just bounce off. 


19 February to March 20

Look at you, holding on strong with those new year’s resolutions. Here’s a reminder that you’re smashing it, even if it feels hard right now. Dig deep this month and remember why you wanted to overhaul those habits and make those changes. Keep going. 

Around Valentine’s Day, you’ll get a craving for some love, gifts, and recognition. Singles, a Palentine’s Day celebration could be chicken soup for the soul. Plus, you need to gather everyone to announce your birthday plans, right?

The arrival of Pisces season mid-month will deliver a fresh wave of excitement for the future. You’ll start to see clearly what needs to be done to unlock your best self, and you’re feeling ready to make it happen.

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