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We'd been using the same cheap (and rapidly breaking) hair dryer for years before deciding it was high time to upgrade, and there's no upgrade quite like the GHD Helios.

We were blown away (pardon the lame pun) by how quickly we were able to achieve both sleek and shiny blowdries and voluminous blowouts, both with record speed.

Overall rating: 4.5/5

  • GHD Helios Hair Dryer, £179 – shop here


  • Super fast drying speed 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Smooth and shiny results 
  • Gives a good amount of volume when used with mousse
  • Quieter than other hair dryers I’ve tried 


  • Takes a while to cool down after use 
  • Expensive 

GHD Helios hair dryer review: First impressions

  • GHD Helios Hair Dryer, £179 – shop here

We love GHD packaging.

They keep things classy and simple at a time when every hairdryer seems to come with multiple heads and a tome of a user manual.

The hair dryer comes in black (which we went for) as well as white, plum, ink blue, warm pewter, orchid pink, and champagne gold. 

All retail for £179 except pink (£189) and champagne gold (£199). 


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GHD helios hair dryer review: Performance

  • GHD Natural Bristle Radial Brush Size 1, £20.95 – shop here

We used the Helios with a GHD Natural Bristle brush in size 1 because although our hair is quite long it's also fine, so we wanted a smaller brush so we could create volume.

We've got my process for drying our hair down pat:

  • Step 1: Turn my hard upside down and rough dry my hair to give it some volume
  • Step 2: Flip my hair over each side and blast the roots and ends until it's about 80% dry
  • Step 3: Separate my hair into sections and use a round brush to give it a shiny, bouncy blowout.

From the first step, we knew we were dealing with an elite piece of machinery. Using our old hair dryer, it would take about 20 minutes to get it to 80% dry.

With the GHD Helios, we got it to 80% dry in less than 10 minutes which is a huge chunk of time to save, especially if you dry your hair in the morning.

Now it was time to incorporate the round brush, keeping the contoured nozzle close to the brush and taking the brush up and to the side in order to add volume.

With our previous hairdryer, my arms would start to tire a few minutes in because it was so heavy. Even if the Helios wasn't as fast as it is, we doubt this would happen because it is incredibly light for the amount of power it yields.

Usually giving ourselves a blowout is a tedious labour of love, but the Helios helped us get a shinier, healthier-looking finish with lots of volume in a fraction of the time.

The verdict: is the GHD helios hair dryer worth it? 

  • GHD Helios Hair Dryer, £179 – shop here

If you're someone who regularly blowdries their hair (and has the money to spare) then the GHD Helios is a very worthy investment.

Shaving 20-25 minutes off our styling routine is an impressive feat, and if you blow dry your hair twice a week you're saving nearly three hours a month.

The thin, contoured nozzle made it easy to give our hair a shiny finish, and it definitely felt less damaging than other dryers we'd used in the past.

Where to buy the GHD helios hair dryer

The benefit of GHD being such a huge brand is you can shop at pretty much every beauty retailer you can think of, including: 

  • GHD
  • Look Fantastic 
  • John Lewis 
  • Amazon 
  • Feel Unique 

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