GMB guest says women aren’t aroused by male strippers

GMB guest who insists women are NOT aroused by ‘hilarious’ male strip shows blasts female clubs for being ‘depressing’ – but is accused of double standards by viewers

  • Rebecca Reid said women aren’t aroused by male strippers on GMB on Monday 
  • She claimed that they are different from female strippers who turn men on
  • Her arguments were slammed by viewers who said she had a ‘double standard’ 
  • Piers Morgan disagreed with Reid said she was talking a ‘load of poppycock’

A Good Morning Britain guest has been blasted for ‘double standards’ by viewers, after suggesting performances by male strippers like those seen on the Britain’s Got Talent final are fine – because women aren’t aroused by their routines.  

Journalist Rebecca Reid argued that women find male strippers ‘hilarious’ when watching them at hen parties or in films like Magic Mike.  

Female strip clubs, meanwhile, she said were ‘incredibly depressing’, because men do find watching exotic dancers sexually arousing.  

Piers Morgan said suggesting women aren’t aroused by male strippers was ‘poppycock’, and was backed up by viewers who took to Twitter to insist Reid’s argument revealed a clear double standard.  

Rebecca Reid argued that male and female strippers are different because women find male dancers funny

The debate came after male strippers from the stage show inspired by hit movie Magic Mike performed on the Britain’s Got Talent final, leading to criticism from some viewers, who said the performance was inappropriate on a family show.

Reid said scantily-clad women often appear on the talent show without raising eyebrows among audiences, and argued that male strippers are usually taken as humourous and inoffensive.

She said: ‘I’ve been to been to both, I’ve been to a male strip club and a female strip club. The female strip club was one of the saddest experiences of my life. It was incredibly depressing.

‘Those places are intended to arouse. 

‘I had a stripper at my hen do, against my wishes, it was hilarious but couldn’t have been less sexy. The intention was not meant to be arouse.’

Viewers slammed Reid’s arguments, with many tweeting she had ‘double standards’

Piers Morgan didn’t accept her argument, disagreeing with her suggestion that women are not turned on by male strippers.

He fired back: ‘So… women go and watch things like Magic Mike and have no sexual feelings whatsoever as they gyrate with their big muscles? What a load of poppycock.’

But Reid insisted that women wouldn’t be aroused when surrounded by their friends or family members when seeing the shows.

‘If you can be aroused with thousands of people all watching with their mums and their sisters you’re a better woman than I am,’ she continued.

The debate came after male strippers from Magic Mike performed at the Britain’s Got Talent final

Piers Morgan didn’t believe that no women get turned on by male strippers at shows

Viewers sided with Piers, and took to Twitter to slam the ‘double standard’ in Reid’s argument.

One tweeted: ‘Piers is spot on. If that magic mike routine was a bunch of scantily clad women there would be mass outrage.’

‘So it’s ok to ogle men because they strip for fun!!!! What pc nonsense susanna & the female panelists,’ another posted. 

A third ranted: ‘Loool GMB reeks of double standards this morning.’

‘Double standards everywhere,’ a fourth wrote. 

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