Going out drinking tonight? Try not to fail as epicly (or funnily) as these 15 drunk people

THINKING of celebrating the start of the Euros with a heavy boozing session this weekend? You might change your mind after seeing these drunken disasters.

From having an argument with themselves to waking up in a URINAL, these people are definitely going to have a sore head in the morning…

1. Crazy taxi

2. Drunk messaging… himself

3. Man in the mirror

4. Given the cold shoulder

5. She better kerb her drinking habit

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6. Oh my dog

7. Tipsy turvey

8. Getting absolutely bladdered

9. He handles his booze like a baby

10. Can you believe it?

11. Urine trouble

12. Spillage in aisle 3

13. Eye don’t believe it

14. He’s completely smashed

15. Thought it couldn't get any worse?

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