Did ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Just Reveal [SPOILER]’s Going To Die? Watch Cryptic Teaser

Please no — we seriously aren’t emotionally prepared to endure another death on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. But according to the teaser for the May 10 episode, we may be left heartbroken once again.

Grey’s Anatomy may have just revealed how Sarah Drew‘s April exits the series before Season 14 comes to a close later this month. In a trailer for the May 10 episode, which aired after this week’s episode, fans were told that April will be involved in some sort of serious accident — one that lands her on an operating table inside Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital… fighting for her life. Meredith seems to promise that she’s not going to die when she’s heard saying, “We’re not going to lose her,” but in the final moments of the teaser video, viewers see Jackson rushing into the OR and throwing himself over an unconscious April. Or could she be dead? Eek — it pains us to even imagine such a scenario.

April can be seen with tubes coming out of her mouth, so would they really let Jackson drape himself over her like that if she were alive and they were still trying to save her? It seems unlikely. Plus, Meredith can be seen crying her eyes out during one particular scene in the trailer, so things don’t look good for April. Want to see what we mean? Watch the emotional trailer below.

As we previously told you, Sarah’s exit from the series was announced in March — along with Jessica Capshaw‘s — and it came as an extreme shock to longtime viewers of the series. Arizona pretty much confirmed that the way she’ll be leaving the series is via a move to New York, where she and daughter Sofia will reunite with Callie. But as fans have suspected all along, April’s exit may be a more tragic one.

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