‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Alex Searches For His Mom After He Fears She’s Dead

Alex and Jo went on a road trip to Iowa to search for his mom during the May 3 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. Did she die? Find out!

Remember when Alex revealed his mom was schizophrenic? Well, she seems to be totally fine now. At least that’s how she appeared at the start of the May 3 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. After trekking all the way out to Iowa with Jo, Alex found his mom alive and well. In fact, she was working at a local library and said that she was recently cleared of her schizophrenia diagnosis. She said that sometimes it goes away with age, and as long as she keeps a regular routine, she should be okay. But when Alex freaked out about his mom not notifying him about her progress, she got defensive and asked him to leave immediately. Instead of leaving town, though, Jo took Alex to a batting range so he could take his anger out on some baseballs. Alex told Jo that he begged and begged for his mom to be normal as a kid, and now that she is, he can’t get over that fact that she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Anyway, he eventually went back to the library and told his mom how proud he is of her. And then he apologized for not staying in touch, despite always thinking about her. It was a sweet moment and a much better way to end their reunion. She also met Jo, and got an invitation to their wedding, but whether or not she’ll attend is yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, while Jackson was working to rebuild the foundation after its reputation was threatened, Vik further pursued his lawsuit against the hospital in hopes of getting his job back. Along with getting his job back and the pay he missed during his firing, he asked for a formal apology from Bailey. But that wasn’t the easiest thing for her to do. In fact, it took Richard telling her that he too has performed surgeries under the influence in the past for Bailey to open her eyes and consider rehiring Vik. And that she did — but not before telling him how lucky he is to be working for them, and why he actually deserved his firing.

And Meredith gave a presentation on her mini-livers project, which attracted a ton of attention, including that from a surgeon who tried achieving the same feat she did. They actually became chummy over a few beers at the bar across the street, and that’s when Meredith realized she needed to right her mom’s wrong by giving Dr. Marie Cerone the recognition Ellis stole from her. So during her presentation, Meredith made a statement, saying the Grey Method would now be known as the Grey-Cerone Method.

Finally, Arizona discovered that Sofia stole money in order to buy a flight back to NYC. But instead of punishing her like Carina wanted her to, Arizona decided that maybe NYC is what’s best for Sofia — and her. In the final seconds of this week’s episode, Arizona called Callie and told her they’re moving to NYC!

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