Gun-toting college grad tries her hand at open carry

A Nashville woman whose college graduation photo of her carrying an assault rifle went viral earlier this year is now garnering attention for openly carrying a firearm around the city, a report said Thursday.

Brenna Spencer, 22, had tweeted the photo in April of herself wearing a pink “Women for Trump” T-shirt and lifting it to expose a handgun in her waistband.

“I’ve heard from women saying I inspired them to take steps to defend themselves and get their concealed carry permits,” Spencer told Nashville’s Fox 17 News. “This was never what I planned although I love having a bigger platform and being able to empower women to protect themselves.”

This week, she walked around the Music City with her Smith & Wesson .380 openly, the station reported.

“I definitely got some looks and did have some people comment or ask if it’s legal. But really, I didn’t have a whole lot of confrontation,” Spencer said, adding that she was careful not to break open carry laws, according to Fox 17.

Two weeks ago, Spencer posted another photo of herself carrying a gun, with the caption saying, “Love Nashville, such a beautiful city but love even more that I’m able to protect myself in this city.”

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