Hailey Baldwin: What She Really Feels About Justin Bieber’s Tattoo Of Selena Gomez Revealed

Hailey Baldwin is learning to get used to Justin Bieber’s tattoo of ex Selena Gomez and in fact, she’s not letting it shake her confidence about their relationship or their upcoming marriage.

Justin Bieber, 24, may still have his popular tattoo of ex Selena Gomez as an angel on his arm, but it doesn’t seem like it’s bothering his fiancee Hailey Baldwin in the least bit and she actually understands why he chooses to keep it. “It’s not an ideal situation, there’s this constant reminder of Selena right there on his arm, everyone can admit it’s awkward,” a source close to Hailey EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He did try to cover her face up with some shading a few years ago but you can still tell it’s her. But Hailey isn’t letting it bother her, she’s pretty unfazed by it. She isn’t the type to cause drama or overreact, that’s not her style. And Justin’s said all the right things to make her feel better about it. He told her the tattoo is his past and she’s the one he’s chosen as his future.”

In addition to making sure Hailey feels better by being open with her about the tattoo, he’s brought up getting a tattoo for her. “He promised to get a tattoo for Hailey, something as a forever reminder of their love,” the source continued. “They might even get matching tattoos. Either way, Hailey’s good, she feels very secure with Justin and nothing is going to take away from that.”

That security has been very visible in their recent romantic outings together. The two have been inseparable and have been canoodling and loving all over each other any chance they get. From dancing in the Bahamas to jet setting to New York and Miami, these two know how to have a good time and we have to admit that we’ve never seen them happier! We can’t wait until their wedding!

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