Halle Berry’s Diet & Exercise Secrets Revealed — How She Looks So Amazing At 51

Halle Berry looks better than she’s ever looked at the age of 51 and it’s all because of a strict diet and exercise plan she dedicates her time to. Find out all the details of how she stays looking fabulous!

Halle Berry, 51, definitely knows how to look her best and it’s all because she works hard at staying as healthy and active as possible! “Halle is incredibly genetically blessed, so that goes a long way to looking so amazing at 51-years old—but, she also works incredibly hard to stay in the best possible shape she can,” a source close to Halle EXCLUSIVELY shared with HollywoodLife. “Halle is devoted to her personal trainer, Peter, and she’s religious about working out and eating clean. She works out 5 days a week, and with the exception of stretching exercises, which she always does after finishing a workout, and yoga, Halle’s all about the cardio. Halle loves boxing, it makes her feel strong and powerful, and gives her a lean muscular look, in addition to boot camp workouts, and jiu jitsu.” Wow! This lady sure sounds like she’s a force to be reckoned with!

In addition to wanting to look great, Halle makes health a top priority since she has diabetes and she even has a certain diet that she loves. “Halle is diabetic, so working out and staying fit is essential for her health, in addition to watching what she eats, and she has to be really strict on herself,” the source continued. “Halle follows the Ketogenic diet, which is low carb, moderate protein, high fat, and really good for diabetics to follow. Halle’s diet consists of a lot of leafy greens, avocados, berries, cheese, and meat—she’s been following Keto for so long, that it’s simply a lifestyle for her now, rather than a diet. Halle’s body is in insane shape, she looks amazing, even hotter than back in her twenties, and she feels it too! “

Halle is definitely in amazing shape and that’s obvious since she’s always turning heads wherever she goes. Whether she’s going out for a casual stroll outside or strutting her stuff on a red carpet, the talented actress sure knows how to make an impression! As a mother-of-two, it’s great to know she’s taking care of herself and staying healthy so she can dedicate a lot of energy and love to her kids. Way to go, Halle!

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