A Harry Potter-Inspired Afternoon Tea Is Coming To The U.S.

As a Harry Potter fan, I am often disappointed when I see a fabulous wizard-themed event that I desperately want to attend only to find out it’s happening in London. From Primark’s Harry Potter store to Cutter & Squidge’s Potion Room, I have watched longingly from my computer screen as other Potterheads got to enjoy the best of what the fandom has to offer. But this summer, that all comes to an end. Because New Yorkers will finally get to enjoy a Potions-themed tea of their own at the Wizarding School of Alchemy starting June 16. For $45 attendees will be able to mix their own drinkable potions and indulge in tasty treats, all under the instruction of the potions master — no word whether they’ll be more of the Snape or Slughorn variety.

The menu includes mixed-drinks which students will be able to make themselves from magical ingredients like mermaid scales and unicorn tears, along with assorted miniature sandwiches (think classic English offerings like cucumber and cream cheese) and baked goods like cupcakes, cake, muffins and biscuits. If you’re desperate for some Dwarf’s Brew (coffee), Tingly Leaf Broth (English Breakfast tea) or Giggle Water (sparkling water) they’ve got all that, too. Check out a little sneak peek video from the event below!

Each Potions class is two hours long and comes with unlimited Potions, coffee and tea. The classes will take place at a secret location in Manhattan, and will be run during June, July and August at the following times: 11 a.m, 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., and 6 p.m. To add to the fun, attendees are encouraged to come dressed in their wizard best. So if you have some wands, robes, beards, and House-themed scarves hiding in your dresser drawers, now is definitely the time to dig them out — House points will be awarded throughout the classes and there will be a special prize for best dressed, so don’t be afraid to go over-the-top in pursuit of top marks.

Pupils must be 10 years and older to attend, but you can bring along all the pre-teen Potter fans in your life for a fun summer experience, or just grab a gaggle of Potterhead pals to "study" along with. To see more information on the Potions Class experience, check out the magical menu and to book your tickets now. If a magical summer is what you’re after, this afternoon tea sounds like the perfect place to start.

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