Have you been shaving your legs wrong? This TikTok hack claims there’s an easier way

With many of us picking up a razor several times a week, you’d assume we’d got the whole leg-shaving technique nailed by now. But have you ever considered you may have been doing it wrong this whole time?

One TikTok user is claiming there’s an easier way to shave your legs that will shed time off your shower routine and won’t leave you with nicks, cuts and bumps.

In a viral video that’s amassed 1.6 million views and over 121K likes, Lauren Henderson shares the life hack that she says has “forever changed” her shaving technique.

After applying shaving cream and lathering up, most of us will shave upwards, before lifting up the razor and starting again at the ankle. This hack however, requires you to maintain contact between the razor and your leg throughout the entire shaving process.

Lauren says the process is so speedy it only takes “five seconds per leg” to shave.

Revealing her time-saving method, she says; “I literally just did this this morning, so grab your razor. Try this instead – shave, don't lift it, shave, but don’t lift it.”

Lauren demonstrates how instead of lifting the razor off after one upwards glide, she simply moves it back down the skin towards the ankle, before swiping up again.

She also claims this hack prevents unwanted shaving cuts, telling fans “you can go over your knees and it won’t cut you up.”

For those wondering how you’ll be able to rinse out the hairs from your razor, apparently when you slide back down, it pushes the hair out of the blades – genius!

Viewers of the viral clip appear just as impressed with the hack and have flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts.

“I tried this and it’s so awesome. It makes it so much faster for me,” one person writes.

“It’s life changing, “ another says, as a third adds, “it really does work!”

Whilst this hack is impressive, you’ll need more than a time-savvy technique to get your legs looking super smooth and cut-free. It’s all about finding the perfect razor that’s gentle to your skin and easy to use.

To help with the process, we’ve rounded up our favourite razors below…

Flamingo Taro and Rose Gold Razor, buy it here for £8

Who says our shaving tools can’t be pretty? Flamingo’s award-winning razor comes in four different eye-catching colours and the weighted handle and rubber grip makes it easy to hold in hard-to-reach places. It’s flexible, easy to use and features high quality blades for a close, smooth shave every time. Expect luxury results for an affordable price.

Gillette Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive Rose Gold Razor, buy it here for £6.49

If you’ve got sensitive skin, this one’s for you! To prevent irritation, nicks and cuts, this price-friendly option features a water-activated protective barrier, and you can re-use the handle by replacing the razor head with any Venus refill.

Sunny Razor – The Pink One, buy it here for £8

Although we’ve waved goodbye to the sunny weather, it doesn’t mean it’s time to pack away the razors for good. This clever version boasts a non-slip, grip handle, so you won’t need to worry about dropping it in the shower mid-shave. The blades are replaceable and recyclable, and the ‘Lubrastrip’ feature means no flare-ups.

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