Having a regular bedtime can help women get pregnant: study

A regular bedtime can help women get pregnant, a study claims.

Those who hit the sack at roughly the same time each night were four times more likely to conceive within a year.

Experts believe the body clock — linked to several diseases via disruptive sleep patterns — may play a role in fertility.

US researchers asked 176 women ­trying to get pregnant to wear a smartwatch that monitored activity levels.

There was a four-fold rise in conception in a year for those who went to bed in the same hour timeframe each night.

Women turning in within the same 90-minute period were more than twice as likely to get pregnant, according to the study from Washington University in St Louis.

Dr Elizabeth Ginsburg, from the American Society for Reproduction, said: “We know adequate sleep is important to normal regulation and heathy functioning. This study indicates that for women planning to conceive, the establishment of regular sleep habits could be advantageous.”

A separate study by the University of Miami found that every hour of lost sleep caused testosterone levels to fall by 1.5 per cent.

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