Heart transplant hero Max’s joy as organ donor law set for final approval

Heart transplant lad Max Johnson has spoken of his joy as the organ donor law in his name proceeds through the House of Lords.

The 10-year-old said it is “incredible” the rules are so close to being changed.

He added: “I know this new law will make a difference. There will be an organ tsunami, with donors flooding in.”

The draft legislation goes to the committee stage tomorrow in the Lords, where members will go through it line by line before its final reading.

These are the last steps of the Bill championed by Max, who fronted the Mirror’s Change the Law for Life campaign.

Max’s Law, which would presume people consent to being organ donors unless they opt out, could be in place by next year.

Max, of Winsford, Cheshire, had his life-saving transplant at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle in August 2017.

He said: “I know how lucky I have been. Theresa May has had a little ­argument [over Brexit], but we will still see the organ donor law changed soon.

“It is incredible to think it will happen.”

The Mirror has recently highlighted the case of 14-month-old Oscar Dunkley, from Bournemouth, Dorset, who is waiting for a new heart.

Max said: “It is about saving those kids in hospital. I had really good friends on the ward who died and I miss them so much. There were four who could have been saved.”

He has also thanked the family of his donor Keira Ball, of Barnstaple, Devon.

She died in a car crash aged nine. Her relatives have given Max a digitally edited photo showing the two children side by side.

Labour’s Lord Hunt, who introduced the donor bill, told peers it may lead to 700 more transplants a year.

It would cover England. Scotland is also considering such a scheme, and Wales introduced one in 2015.

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