Here's Your First Look at Insecure Season 3 — Yes, Issa Is Still Living With Daniel

Following a dramatic second season, Issa Rae is back to her quirky ways in the first teaser for Insecure season three. In the video, Issa returns to the mirror to deliver another one of her unapologetic raps. “Hey mirror b*tch, you’re looking real clean. You’re looking real bad. You’re looking like a queen,” Issa says before being awkwardly interrupted by her new roommate, Daniel. In case you had forgotten, Issa moves into Daniel’s apartment after leaving the place she previously shared with Lawrence — because that shouldn’t be awkward at all. HBO will likely treat us to the season’s full-length trailer closer to the Aug. 12 release date, but in the meantime, please enjoy the return of the mirror monologue, above.

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