Horoscope 2021: Astrologer reveals what each star sign can expect from next year

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By anybody’s standards, the past twelve months have been extremely tumultuous. Fortunately, Keen.com astrology expert Leslie Hale believes there is far more positive energy on the way for 2021. Here is the what you expect to encounter in 2021, broken down by each star sign.


Ms Hale told Express.co.uk: “If you have been feeling as though you have been pounded over the past two and half years, you can expect major changes and improvement in 2021.

“Saturn entered Capricorn December of 2017 and at some point between then and mid-December (2020) Saturn, the taskmaster has squared your Sun, throwing obstacles in your path, slowing things down and in some cases ending relationships, and jobs, and making life more frustrating.

“Finances may shift one way or the other in 2021 as Uranus is in your house of money.

“It is hard to say which way things will go without access to your personal chart, but if Uranus makes positive aspects you stand to gain, and if it makes difficult aspects in your personal chart you may experience some added expenses or money matters may not go as smoothly as you like.

“For those Aries who are looking for love, 2021 looks to be a promising year especially mid-June- August when you have a bright new moon falling in your house of love.

“If you are single this period could help in terms of getting into a romantic relationship. For those Aries looking to have children this year, June-August also looks promising.”


“With Uranus in Taurus over the next four years, chances are you will make some major changes in your life, or it is possible changes will simply occur.

“Uranus is known as the planet of sudden, unexpected events that are sometimes shocking.

“Uranus has to do with a strong desire for freedom, to do things your own way and with Uranus conjunct your Sun many things in your life could change.

“For women in particular, your love life could change. You could also be tested in terms of your managerial abilities and given new responsibilities.

“At worst, this can be a period of chaos, instability and unexpected events.

“The Sun in your chart represents all of the men in your life: significant others for women, Father, uncles and others.”

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“For Gemini 2021 looks like a great year for you to build stability and security in whatever manner you decide.

Saturn entered Aquarius along with Jupiter in December and these two powerful planets are placed in your 9th house, or the section of your chart that rules education, travel, foreign people and places and your own personal world views.

“Saturn’s square to Uranus will occur three times this year bringing unexpected and surprising events.

“We will all be affected by this in some way, and for Gemini it could manifest in the areas of investments, joint finances with someone else or issues that have been hidden could come to light. Look for this transit to play out in February, June and late December.

“While we will all experience this transit in 2021 Gemini will fare better than many.

“Uranus typically has to do with unexpected events but sometimes this period can bring significant projects to a head, or you could start over with something.”


“Cancer has had a rough time for the past several years as both Saturn and Pluto have been opposing Cancer’s Sun.

“This has brought about a variety of difficulties in terms of relationships, partnerships, health, family and other matters.

“Many relationships have ended for Cancer, and most born under the sign ruled by the Moon have encountered some major obstacles and struggles.

“I am happy to report that Saturn in Capricorn has now moved into Aquarius and 2021 will be a lighter and happier year. If you have not noticed this already, you soon will.”


“Those born under the sign of Leo have typically not struggled under the plethora of planets in Capricorn that have affected all Cardinal signs-Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn.

“During 2021 however Leo will experience Saturn’s opposition to your Sun.

“There may be some challenges and there will be periods of hard work that could greatly benefit the future.

“This transit will give you great perseverance as Saturn always does.

“If things seem stalled, don’t try to force them, just let a little time go by and try again.”


“Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn has benefited Virgo over the past several years in terms of building and creating stability.

“At this time you should be able to recognise some tangible results of the successes you have achieved over the past several years.

“In 2021 Saturn makes no aspects to Virgo’s Sun either difficult or easy, but will be traveling through Virgo’s 6th house of work, creating a greater focus on day to day work issues and situations, health and being of service to others.

“Your relationship could become unclear, confused, and full of drama and it may end or simply fade away especially if it is a new relationship.

“Other relationships may survive with some difficulty. If they do survive, things will become stronger as a result.”


“Like the other Cardinal signs, Libra has been under a great deal of stress over the past few years with both Saturn and Pluto square their Sun.

“In 2021, Saturn transits through Aquarius as does Jupiter, changing the scenario for Libra dramatically.

“Saturn in Aquarius will trine Libra’s Sun, bringing opportunities for advancement, more security and a greater ease of operating on all levels throughout the year.

“As Saturn is in Aquarius, its placement falls in Libra’s 5th house of love, friends and children.

“Libra may face more responsibility in these areas, but he or she will be up to the task.

“For those Libras seeking to have children, 2021 will be the opportune time.

“Otherwise, Libra can connect with old friends, those from the past, or alternatively this can be a time to bring creative ideas to tangible fruition.”


“Like all of the other fixed signs-Taurus, Leo and Aquarius-Saturn will make contact with your Sun during its two and a half year transit through Aquarius.

“Saturn’s square to Uranus will occur three times this year bringing unexpected and surprising events.

“We will all be affected in some way and for Aquarius it could manifest in the areas of money, home and family or job.

“Look for this transit to play out in February, June and again late December.

“Uranus transits typically have to do with unexpected events but sometimes this period can bring significant projects to a head, or you could start over with something.”


“Saturn and Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius should be favourable and beneficial for Sagittarius in 2021.

“This places both planets in the 3rd house of the Aquarius horoscope or the part of the chart that relates to short trips, immediate family and friends, as well as your neighbourhood.

“This period completes a time of inward preparation for the future than began about 7 years ago.

“You will be focused on your everyday mental habits, attitudes and style of speaking with others and this will come into focus as will day to day activities and short trips.”


“Capricorn has had a productive but somewhat difficult time as Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn have been playing havoc with your life in the past few years.

“Saturn conjuncts your Sun once every 30 years and Pluto will fall on your Sun only once in life, if at all.

“With Saturn moving off your Sun you are now beginning a new period of recreating yourself in some way and life should get easier.

“When Saturn transits the 2nd house thoughts turn toward money (a Capricorn) favourite and now is the time to begin to take finances seriously and build toward your financial future.

“You could experience increased business or financial security, resourcefulness and a desire to set your financial house in order.

“You could acquire a greater sense of practical values that could serve you in good stead, and increase your income through hard work in 2021.”


“Both Saturn and Jupiter have entered Aquarius creating an interesting year for those born under this sign.

“Saturn-Sun transits typically co-inside with major life changes of many types.

“The Sun typically represents all of the men in our lives and for women it would represent the significant other.

“As Saturn has recently left Aquarius’s 12th house, this also brings a time of new beginnings, where Aquarius will work hard to re-create themselves in some significant way.

“This transit can bring both difficulty and fulfilment. It can be a time of hard work and a great deal of responsibility.

“You will work hard to guarantee the things you have been working on will be successful or you will find they have not worked out and have to start over.

“This can affect many areas of your life, including relationships.”


“Over the last several years Pisces should have benefited from Saturn’s sextile to your Sun, as this has been a time to create greater stability in life.

“Pluto has or will sextile your Sun as well, and this is a powerful force for good.

“Saturn will make no aspects to Pisces Sun this year, but it will transit through your 12th house for the next two and a half years.

The twelfth house is considered the house of ‘karma.’ Over the next few years you may have difficulty finding the answers to important questions in your life and you could do a great deal of soul searching over this period.

“Eventually, you will figure out the answers to your most pressing concerns but it may take a while.

“Pisces has a certain amount of luck this year because along with Saturn in your 12th house, you will also experience Jupiter’s transit through the same sector of your chart as well.”

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