Horoscopes & love: Libra warned ‘conversation is imperative’ to ‘dissolve tensions’ today

Horoscopes: Expert offers advice to This Morning callers

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Each star sign in the zodiac has different qualities, needs, and desires when it comes to finding love and being in love. Astrology experts have predicted what’s in store for Libra – the seventh sign in the zodiac – when it comes to love.

With the beginning of a new month and Christmas just around the corner, Libras have a lot to look forward to.

But today, December 4, Libras are urged to be open with their partner or loved one and make an effort to talk to them – no matter how difficult or uncomfortable the conversation.

Horoscope.com said: “You are likely to be far more secretive than is necessary about a certain event, which could affect the relationship between you and a loved one.

“Conversation is imperative.

“It is essential that you both get the right perspective on the situation so as to dissolve any further fears or tensions.

“It is only a short step to a greater understanding between you both.”

As for the week ahead, the astrology experts predicted that “romantic adventures are waiting for you around every corner”.

They added: “The weekend brings a new moon and solar eclipse in upbeat Sagittarius that have you looking at the positives of a romantic situation and none of the negatives.

“Have fun living in ignorant bliss for a little while until real life catches up.”

Astrologists have also unveiled what’s in store for Libras as the month unfolds and the year comes to an end.”

Horoscope.com added: “A full moon in conversationally adept Gemini on the eighteenth helps you talk through something that’s been on your mind for quite some time.

“Use this lunation to tie up loose ends and get the closure you need to finally move on and be happy.

“Venus is on her journey with hardworking Capricorn as she turns retrograde on December 19, encouraging you to reassess an issue from the past.

“If someone tries to re-enter your life now, there’s a reason.

“Don’t let them control you or regain any power they might have had over you.

“There’s a reason you left them in the past.”

Looking towards the end of the month, the experts added: “A more positive, uplifting vibe surrounds you when expansive Jupiter enters lovely and creative Pisces on the twenty-eighth, which should allow you to end this year and start 2022 with renewed hope.

“When it comes to finding love during this fortunate aspect, your kindness and compassion bring good luck.”

Incredibly attracted to intelligence, Libras are most compatible with Geminis.

This is perhaps because people who were born under the Twins are also clever, and extremely sociable, like Libras.

As well as Gemini, Libra is attracted to Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius – perhaps because most people born under these signs are adventurous.

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