Horoscopes today – Russell Grant star sign forecast for Tuesday, July 26

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You’re angry with someone and finding it hard to hide it. They will pick up on your feelings whenever you get together. Spend some time on your own until you come to terms with exactly why you are feeling this way. If you’re being a little selfish in what you expect or demand from anyone, think about what this is doing to your relationship.


It won’t be for the want of trying but a challenge you have taken on is turning out to be almost impossible. The pressure this is putting on you is starting to show and it could be time to admit that this is something you don’t want to do anymore.


Having to do without family treats due to rising prices makes you feel you are letting your loved ones down. You cannot blame yourself when a bigger proportion of your income is now going on everyday expenses. No one can accuse you of being careless with your cash.


It doesn’t do you any good to continue with commitments and obligations that make you feel uncomfortable. If your heart’s not in it, release yourself from these ties. This makes room for you to begin projects that are meaningful. Getting involved in a fundraiser will boost your karma bank.


You’ve been putting money away that a spendthrift partner does not know about. There are reasons for your secretiveness. You might be saving for a surprise holiday, new car or something special you will enjoy together. So although you are being secretive over money it’s to benefit you both in the end.


You don’t really like making rash decisions but sometimes this can’t be avoided. If you do have to make an instant choice, your good judgement won’t let you down. You might wish some events would go more slowly when there seems to be no time to stop and take it all in.


Someone who has been taking advantage of your kindness is about to see a different side of you. If they think you will go along with their every idea today, they’re in for a shock when you’re about to tell them in no uncertain terms that they can’t rely on you all the time.


An older relative is behaving a little furtively. You are determined to find out what it is they are trying to hide. A matter that has caused some concern for a while can now be approached again from a different angle. Someone who is more experienced or qualified will help you tackle this with greater success.


You’re not finding it easy to sort your thoughts into any kind of order when so many things keep coming to your mind. You’re way ahead of everyone else and people who like to take their time to consider ideas can’t keep up with you. Slow down. Discuss things calmly and you will feel more certain of what you want to do.


Could someone you work with be foolish enough to believe in and pass on malicious gossip? It’s hard to believe they are taking what they hear seriously. You can see these causing future problems but it won’t be easy to persuade them to forget them.


You’re almost at the end of a difficult job when your boss or someone in authority will ask that you redirect your energy elsewhere. The biggest frustration is that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel but for now, you can’t take those final steps to reach it.


You will make a point of being there for a friend who needs your support or caring advice. They know you will understand their problem and they trust you to keep it confidential. A business proposition needs to be researched thoroughly before you give a response.

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