Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 14


It will be exciting to receive an unexpected offer but are you being too hasty in taking the first attractive opportunity that comes your way? Before making a long-term commitment, consider whether there are other possibilities ahead that you might enjoy even more.


You need to switch your mind off and relax. Once you do this, a solution to a recent problem might suddenly enter your thoughts. Try to give someone who is behaving badly the benefit of the doubt. They will mean it when they say they hadn’t meant to cause any trouble.


Someone in power will voice their disapproval of your decisions or actions. This does not necessarily mean they are right. Read through important documents carefully. Better still, leave it until tomorrow if you can’t concentrate. You need to know that you, at least, are making the right decisions.


It’s often wise to steer clear of gossips. The reverse is true for you today. Someone will pass on some useful information and it will all be true. A colleague will announce they are retiring soon. This could open up new work opportunities for you.


Be yourself and be happy with whom you are. A recent argument may have knocked your confidence but put this out of your mind. It doesn’t matter what names someone called you and what they have said about you, remind yourself there are plenty of people who think you are wonderful.


A risk you take will pay off much to your relief. Taking risks is not something you do regularly or with ease but this is a one-off experience and a one that is never going to happen again. A brisk walk will feel therapeutic.


It isn’t a good idea to pretend you are an expert in a situation that calls for specialist skills or knowledge. Admit that you need to consult someone with the necessary experience. Besides, your reputation will suffer if you do get questioned by someone who is qualified in this field.


A loved-one wants and hopes for your approval for a new venture. When you hear what they intend to do you will be delighted that they are ready to take on an exciting challenge and you will be behind them all the way. A secret you’ve held on to for some time will be revealed.


It’s okay feeling restless and in need of a change of scenery when you have the freedom to choose what you can do but right now, duty calls. Work, family and outside responsibilities get in the way of your own needs and wishes.


You are focused on a personal goal and looking at the best ways you might bring this about. This makes it a good time to start making plans for the long-term future. If these are likely to cost a lot of money, you will need to set a budget.


New rules and regulations can make a real difference in the workplace. Safety should be a core part of your company’s business model. You are taking your work and volunteer responsibilities very seriously. It will feel good to have the backing of an important executive.


You are wasting your time and energy trying to talk an idealistic friend into seeing sense when it comes to a financial or romantic matter. You know yourself how easy it is to get lost in dreams and fantasy. All you can do is wait for them to come back down to earth.

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