Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for March 9


A team will be thrown together with little thought or organisation. Don’t be surprised when the wrong people will be allocated the wrong jobs and this results in chaos. Use your leadership ability to take over the running of a group exercise. You just might be able to get results.


There are some big stories going around your neighbourhood. Some will intrigue you but not all of them will be based on fact. It has been a while since you have spoken to an old friend or a relative. If you parted on bad terms, it might be time to make your peace with them.


Give more time and attention to your priorities. If you don’t know what these are then sit down and make a list. Keeping on top of everyday responsibilities will also keep things running smoothly. If you have been sweeping bills under the carpet, you will now be suffering the consequences.



You will be getting on well with a new friend or colleague. It will feel good to be able to talk to someone who really seems to understand you. Just be careful about revealing too much of yourself too soon. Help from behind the scenes will enable you to get ahead with personal plans.


Someone will be contacting you or paying you a visit and they have some exciting news to share. You may not at first have been pleased about this interruption but when you hear what they have to say you will feel slightly guilty about your initial response.


Some interesting opportunities will arise but are you allowing your natural cautious tendencies to hold you back? You will feel more able to discuss issues with your boss and workmates that you would normally keep to yourself.


You will sympathise with a friend who has been badly let down. You’ve been through a similar experience which is why they find it so easy to talk to you. An older relative will be more communicative than normal about past family matters they have been keeping to themselves.


Ideas your family are discussing for the future sound incredibly extravagant and expensive to you. You can’t imagine that they will ever go ahead with these but in case someone thinks you support them, you will be quick to tell them otherwise.


Someone isn’t being as helpful as they promised they would be. You could end up having to take on jobs they had promised they would do. A friend or workmate has a habit of letting you down at the last minute. You’re starting to wonder about their reliability.


Stop telling yourself you have made bad decisions or choices. When things start to go wrong, this does not mean plans are doomed to failure. Keep going and you will find a way to overcome problems. You could be surprised by the outcome. Someone in the family will be nominated to receive an award.


Changes are being discussed in a lively way. You can sense that others are more excited than you happen to be about these. Even though you know the hope is that they will bring improvements into your life, you don’t feel they are very practical.


Before backing the suggestions being put forward, wait until you have had a chance to give this more thought. Once you have given your word, you won’t be able to go back on it. Do you really know what you are letting yourself in for? Someone in the workplace has made a significant error of judgement.

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