Horoscopes today – Russell Grant’s star sign forecast for October 13

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Preparations will continue to enable a big project to go ahead. A slight pause while waiting for officials to approve of current plans will not stop you from working in the background. A delicate situation will need careful handling. There are a huge number of question marks still left to be answered.


Running around after people who never seem satisfied can be exhausting. They may not stop with the demands they are making but you can stop giving in to them. Instead of trying to please everyone, pause for a second and consider what you can do to please yourself.


You might find a way to bring a friend or relative some comfort. Encourage them to discuss the worries that are on their mind. All they need is a little reassurance that things aren’t as bad as their mind is making them out to be.


Learn more about a situation before making judgements. Find out what a stranger is like under their charming smile. Are you being drawn too easily in by their persuasive personality? Heed your head and not your heart to avoid making foolish decisions.


A project that did not work out as expected will not have been all for nothing as some people are implying. You will have learned a lot from this experience including who you can work with, who you can’t and what methods work for you and which ones don’t.


It comes quite easy to you to plan, organise and think ahead. Sometimes it isn’t such a good idea to be so fixed in expectations. You’re mixing with people who prefer to be spontaneous and less restricted. Find a middle ground and you will learn a lot from each other.


Be absolutely certain that agreements made today are what you really want. Once you have said yes to anything, it will be difficult to get out of. You will be allocated a role which will mean you have a responsibility to others and it would go against your conscience to let them down.


With plans mainly geared towards a big project and you want to get this right you will get on best working quietly on your own. A travel offer, party invitation or special request that’s being made of you will cause a dilemma when you are supposed to be elsewhere.


No one is perfect. A wrong decision has been made but it isn’t too late to admit you have made a mistake. If you walked out of a relationship and now regret it, send a text to your ex. Suggest you try again. Prove you mean it when you say you are sorry.


Ignoring someone you are annoyed with may be your way of keeping your distance emotionally but this will not solve issues that are causing tension between you. You need to talk or you can expect future problems or a relationship to come to an abrupt end.


Legal restrictions are causing too many arguments, disruptions and delays. If everyone can work together a new system could be devised that works for everyone. A long-term solution to a long-standing problem needs to be found and this will be the biggest challenge. Be prepared for some lengthy talks.


You are in tune with your psychic self. You may not be able to explain why you feel a need to act on a hunch but don’t dismiss this feeling as being absurd. Have you just started dating someone new? If you sense this is not the right person for you, trust your intuition.

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