‘Horrible’ mother-in-law invites ex-girlfriend to family breakfast

A woman named Stefani took to the online forum Quora to share her “sad” story with her “awful” mother-in-law. The woman explained that she and her fiancé travelled to spend a weekend with his mother and after a lof trip, they arrived late and her fiancé “promised a lazy morning”.

The next morning, she woke up and walked into the kitchen “non-showered” to find “my fiancé’s ex having coffee with his mum”.

“She was dolled up and openly flirting with my fiancé. I felt humiliated. She had been invited by my mother-in-law, I was intentionally uninformed,” she explained.

Stefani revealed that things got worse on the day of their wedding when she showed up several hours late for pictures.

“She walked in making a show of herself and of course, no apologies. She did openly make some comments about how silly it was to take pictures prior to the wedding,” the woman added.

Stefani explained that she later told guests “how rude I was to make people wait to eat so I could have my picture taken”.

A woman named Megan also took to the social media platform to share her experience. She explained that her husband is from Romania and his mother came to the US to live with them while waiting for her green card.

“This woman hated me on sight,” Megan said, “and she said the most awful things to me”.

The mother-in-law reportedly thought she was “too young and too pretty” to be with her son “for anything other than his money”.

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Megan claimed the mother-in-law would do things like go through her purse when she wasn’t looking and “throw out my £40 Chanel lipstick”.

“One of the most hurtful things she would do was turn around the pictures I had in the house of my mom, who died at age 34 when I was 12,” she said.

The kitchen and the downstairs area became “her domain” and she made her son dinner every night which Megan “wasn’t allowed to eat with them”.

Only when the mother-in-law went to bed, she and her husband were free to go downstairs and watch TV.

One night, she was reportedly “yelling at her” and her dog, a little Yorkipoo, “was very upset about this”, stood by her feet and started barking.

“As I reached down to calm her, my mother-in-law kicked her. Right in the face. My dog yelped and I could hear her teeth crack together,” Megan claimed.

She immediately grabbed her dog and her purse and left in her car, called her husband and told him: “This is it. I am going to a hotel. Either she goes, or I go.”

The mother-in-law flew to Romania three days later and they haven’t seen her since.

Her green card was reportedly invalidated because she stayed outside the United States for too long.

“I don’t know if we will try to sponsor her again in the future but it hasn’t come up in discussion lately,” Megan admitted.

Another woman named Heather also said she has a mother-in-law who is a “horrible woman”.

She told guests at her wedding that the “marriage wouldn’t last” and was invited to every celebration but she would only go to “bring her own Tupperware to collect leftovers”.

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