Horror injuries of mum hit by quad bike at 50mph after pushing son to safety

A hairdresser who suffered horror injuries when she was mowed down by teen joyrider on a quad bike at 50mph after pushing her 17-year-old son to safety has criticised the court for not jailing him for longer.

Cheryl Scott, 45, was left with a shattered right leg after being hit outside her house in Methil , Fife in Scotland and being thrown 17ft into the air.

Mrs Scott said the incident has "destroyed her life" – and doctors have told her she’ll never walk without crutches.

Aiden Paterson, 19, was given a 40-month jail term this week, after pleading guilty to causing Cheryl serious injury by dangerous driving at Kirkcaldy Sherriff Court, the Daily Record reports .

Mr Scott said terrible injuries have left her unable to work and a “prisoner” in her own home and has critcised the court for not jailing him for longer.

She said: “It’s disgusting. I’ll be like this for life while he’s out in no time. The justice system has failed us.

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“The charge should’ve been attempted murder because he came right for us.

“I’ll never walk without crutches. I’ve got no ankle. I’ve had metal plates put in there. It’s destroyed my life.”

Paterson, also of Methil, also admitted driving an unregistered vehicle while disqualified and having no insurance, as well as breaching a curfew condition of a bail order by being outside his home after 7pm.

Paterson had been riding the quad bike in the early hours of the morning when Cheryl went outside to tell him to stop.

She said: “It was a Friday night and we were having pizza. My youngest son had a few friends round.

“At about 12.45am, we heard a bike being driven through the gardens in our cul-de-sac.

“All the lights in the street went on as people were woken by the loud noise. Myself, my son and his friends went outside.

“Aiden Paterson, who none of us knew, was on the bike and I told him to please go. He grabbed my son by the arm and started hauling him along the road on the bike.”

Mrs Scott said she managed to help stop her son being dragged along before stepping back on to the pavement.

She said: “Beside my gate, the bike came towards my son and I pushed him out the way.

“The police studied CCTV and reckon I was thrown 17ft in the air. After I was hit, the next thing I remember was waking up on the pavement.

“The paramedics had to revive me with CPR.”

The court heard Paterson shouted, “I didnae mean to kill her”, as he was chased by two of Cheryl’s friends after hitting her.

The mum spent five days in intensive care and was only able to go home six weeks later.

She’s had three surgeries on her leg and doctors plan to carry out a further three operations in a bid to rebuild the limb.

The mum also suffered a partially smashed eye socket and a hernia in her stomach.

The mum, who often has to use a wheelchair, has to sleep in a bed in her living room as she can’t climb the stairs to her bedroom.

Mrs Scott has been battling depression as she struggles to come to terms with her injuries.

She said: “I’m a hairdresser, so I have to stand all day. I’ll never do that work again.

“I won’t be able to drive again. I can’t go outside myself. I’m a prisoner in my own home.

“My doctor thinks I’ve got post-traumatic stress disorder. Any time I hear a motorbike, I freeze, I panic."

Sheriff James Williamson told him: “You caused serious injury to a woman who had remonstrated with you about your behaviour.”

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