House Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena for Fox Spokeswoman Hope Hicks

The House Judiciary Committee has issued a subpoena for Hope Hicks, the Fox Corporation communications chief who previously worked as the communications director in President Donald Trump’s White House. The call for Hicks to appear before the committee was issued Tuesday.

Hicks could not be reached for immediate comment on the matter.

Hicks was in October named the executive vice president and chief communications officer for the company, which recently completed a sale of the bulk of its assets to Walt Disney.

The committee issued subpoenas to Hicks and Annie Donaldson, a former White House deputy counsel, as part of a larger investigation into possible obstruction of justice, corruption and abuse of power. The subpoena for Hicks asks her to provide the committee with certain documents by June 4 and to make an appearance in Washington, D.C., on June 19.

In a statement. Representative Jerrold Nadler, who leads the committee, called Hicks and Donaldson “critical witnesses” for the group’s probe.

Hicks was mentioned in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent report that looked into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections. She testified about her efforts to advise the President on a response to allegations surrounding a 2016 meeting his son, Donald Trump, Jr., had with an attorney linked to the Kremlin, and emails that provided some documentation of what might have transpired during it.


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