How much it costs to run a hairdryer – and why some dryers cost more to use than others

We’re all feeling the pinch this winter. October saw a big jump in energy prices, and that increase isn’t set to dip in the coming months. Because of this, many of us are thinking of ways to reduce how much electricity we use on a daily basis.

You might even be wondering how much it costs to run smaller electrical devices like hairdryers. To save you doing the maths, we – with help fromConfused About Energy– have worked out the exact costs for you. The answer is: up to £80 per year.

Here’s the breakdown:

If you have fine-to-medium hair, and/or hair that is short length, it takes around 10-12 minutes to dry hair with a hairdryer. For thicker or longer hair, it can take around 20 minutes to fully dry.

If you have a 2,400W hairdryer, and you spend 10-12 minutes drying your hair, you’ll use around 0.4W-0.5W. That equates, with current spiked prices, to 10p-15p per use and around £40-£50 per year (if you use a hairdryer daily). If you’re blow-drying for 20 minutes, you can expect to use double the wattage and double the cost, making your usage total 20p per go and around £80 per year.

So do different hairdryers cost different amounts to run?

A high-power 2,400W hairdryer is 50% more expensive to run than a lower power 1,200W hairdryer. However, if you’re thinking of swapping to a lower wattage dryer to save some pennies, it’s worth noting that higher wattage hairdryers have more power and therefore might dry your hair quicker than a lower one.

An example of a higher watt hairdryer is BaByliss Super Power 2400 Hair Dryer,£65 here, while a lower one at 1,200W is Phil Smith Lightweight Travel Hair Dryer,£10 here. Surprisingly, Dyson’s Supersonic has a relatively low wattage of 1,600, making it quite a cost-effective option.

Money-saving hair drying tips

1. Try heatless curls

Blast your hair with your dryer until it’s about 80% dry. You don’t need to bother with the hair-smoothing stage as you’re about to style using a heatless method. For fine-to-medium hair, this quick-dry step should take around five minutes – half the time (and half the price) of a more thorough blow-dry.

Next, take a dressing gown tie – the thicker the better – andfollow this method for a bouncy, blow-dry looking result . For best results, wash hair just before bed and sleep with your dressing gown tie in. If you love the results and you want something a little more professional than a fluffy belt, we love Revolution Hair Curl Enhance Satin Curling Ribbon Ivory,£6 here on Asos.

2. Invest in a fast blow-dry spray

You’ll have to spend an initial amount of money on the product, but it will last you months. Accelerator or speed-dry sprays work to reduce your hair drying time by up to 30%, depending on the exact product. They do this by forcing your hair to expel the water, but without causing your strands to dehydrate. Clever stuff.

For a low-cost option, we like Batiste Speed It Up Blow-Dry Spray, £4.49 in Asda stores. If you have a little more to spend, ColorWow Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray,£21.50 here, has amazing reviews – and we can personally vouch for it.

3. Don’t dry your hair from wet

It can be tempting to just get out of the shower and blast your hair straight away with a dryer to speed up the styling process. However, for your hair health and for money-saving reasons, it’s best to wait until your hair is damp to go in with a hairdryer. We love Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban,£30 here, for speedy water absorption.

The reason you shouldn’t blow-dry water-soaked hair is because your hair is more fragile when wet and therefore more prone to breakage. You don’t want to start brushing it through until it’s had time to dry a little. If you also wait until your hair is 60%-80% dry, you’ll spend much less time under the hairdryer, which will save you some pennies.


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