How to prevent foggy glasses when wearing a face mask

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Wearing a face mask is now just part of our normal everyday life.

With it already being mandatory to wear them on public transport and with it now becoming compulsory from Friday 24 July 24 for them to be worn in supermarkets and shops, it’s safe to say they are the must-have accessory of 2020.

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And while we all have to get used to covering our nose and mouth, if you wear glasses, you have an extra challenge on your hands as you may have already found your glasses prone to fogging up when you put your mask on.

Why does this happen you may ask? It’s fairly simple as when we wear our masks our warm breathe escapes from the top of the mask and lands on the cool lense of our glasses, causing them to fog up and cloud your vision.

So to help prevent this from happening, here are some top tips you can follow:

Make sure to wear a tight fitting mask

For the best fit your mask should be snug against your nose and cheeks.

To avoid slipping, you can tie your mask around your glasses rather than around your ears – just be sure to remember when taking your glasses off your mask will be attached!

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Pull your mask up

If you can and it feels comfortable, pull your mask further up your nose and place your glasses on top as sealing the mask around your nose will stop the warm air from coming out of the top and steaming up your lenses.

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Tape your mask

Use surgical tape to hold your mask in place on your nose and give your specs that extra grip. If don't have surgical tape, you can use any type of tape adhesive or athletic tape. Just be sure to test the tape on a different part of your body to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin.

Wash your glasses in soap and water

Washing your glasses with soap and water can help prevent them from steaming up.

Make sure to do it just before you’re about to wear your mask, leave them to dry and this will create a film which will stop the fog.

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