How TV presenter Oloni has kickstarted conversation among women to get what they want in the bedroom

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Just like Beyoncé, Madonna and Rihanna, before her Oloni only needs to say her first name for us to know that she's got something saucy on the agenda.

The sex positive influencer and BBC Three presenter, who also co-hosts Laidbare Podcast with model Shani Jamilah,24, has a large following on Twitter thanks to her advice and explicit threads that often start with "Ladies…shall we have some fun" and ends with a whole heap of x-rated confessions from her followers.

As well as encouraging women to go out and seek sexual pleasure, the 30 year old also kickstarting the conversation about getting what you want in the bedroom and how to "rise up" sexually.

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"We have the podcast for women because it's supposed to be an experience that they can enjoy. Getting them to rise up sexually is also having that conversation sexually with other women and to share their experiences.

"There are still a lot of women who are faking orgasms, not speaking up in the bedroom and don’t know how to even use lube!

"There is so much educating that we need to do. We need to wise up in 2020," Oloni said during Lovehoney's Virtual Camp on how to lead a sexually happy life.

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Oloni said that her positive attitude towards sex and empowering women, however doesn't sit well with everyone including straight men.

"[They] hate me. Yes they do. Not all of them. It’s more to do with… some guys don’t like when women take control of their sexuality. It annoys them. They are like "how dare you?"

"That is not the truth, sex is not just for their pleasure. Men in the porn industry have made d***s the centre of attention… It's always the male pleasure and never about the woman and her pleasure."

Oloni continued: "They do not like me educating women. The sex toy in the bedroom, even might emasculate them."

Shani agreed, adding: "For me you're even more of a man if you get to where you want me to be sexually."

Even though the girls are all about sexual positivity they said that it can come with its downfalls: "There is nothing wrong about talking about arousal. But sometimes people get the wrong impression that when you talk about sex you’re down for anything."

Oloni says that to help women "rise up" the conversation needs to begin with those closest to you.

"You start the conversation by simply sharing an experience, this can be anything from a sex toy… I love to bang on about sex toys all the time!

"By having those conversations about sex toys it encourages other women… This is encouraging me to do it and I can have that convo with my partner as well."

Shani agreed: "Its something thats needed. A conversation can do so much."

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And social media is a huge factor in starting those conversations, as Oloni often raises such topics in her threads or on Instagram and says that it helps her gauge what is being discussed.

"My engagement is telling me that people are having this conversation… Especially in the thousands that shows they have sent [the post] to their friends and they've sent it on to their friends. It’s being amplified basically."

"It's such a simple thing that she’s doing but it has a massive impact," Shani added during the virtual Lovehoney event.

The sex influencer, who also hosts her own dating show on BBC Three helping out singletons, said that as she left her twenties and joined her thirties she realised that she knew she had "stopped giving a s**t" when it came to finding pleasure.

"You just stop giving a shit. As I got older I learned to stop faking. I have no issues about telling my partner that I didn’t c**.

"My sexual partners are probably more scared that I am very demanding. But that's what I want you to go away with, to not be not afraid, to go away and ask for what you want."

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