Husband is roasted for putting his shed in a bizarre location

‘I cried when I saw it’: Husband builds a shed right outside his bedroom window – and his wife is threatening to burn it down

  • A husband has erected a huge shed right in front of the marital bedroom
  • The huge shed blocked out the view of the garden leaving his wife perplexed 
  • His wife posted the monstrosity online asking people what she could do 

A husband and his friends has faced the brutal justice and mockery of the internet after spending hours erecting a shed – right outside the marital bedroom window.

His perplexed wife Sarah Aiton posted an image of the shed shot from the inside of their bedroom, showing how it takes up the entire view.

‘My view of the garden is gone! He says it can’t be moved now. Please can you give me ideas about decorating it or burning it down?’ the Tasmania-based mother wrote online. 

The perplexed Sarah Aiton posted an image of the shed shot from the inside of their bedroom as it is shown to take up almost the entire view outside their large window

Speaking to FEMAIL Mrs Aiton said her first reaction was simple: ‘What the hell have they done?’

What made the situation even more frustrating, according to Mrs Aiton, is that her husband didn’t even make the decision alone.

‘It was hubby, his dad and one of his friends. Three men and not one stopped to think there might be a better place to put it,’ she said.

Mrs Aiton said after she forwarded her photo to the wife of her husband’s assisting friend she too was ‘mortified’ at the placement.

The husband initially told his furious wife the rather large shed was unable to be moved as it was fixed to a concrete foundation and there were limited locations it could be moved to. 

‘I was inside with our newborn and he asked me to come and see where he was going to put it and I fobbed him off and told him that I trusted him to work it out himself. Big mistake,’ she said.

‘He was quite happy with it and was very surprised that I was upset about it. He still likes it where it is.’

Commenters were quick to label the husband an ‘idiot’ for his efforts and added that he clearly didn’t show a lot of critical thinking.

Commenters were quick to label the husband an ‘idiot’ for his efforts while others offered some helpful suggestions

Others encouraged Mrs Aiton to pursue her second idea and simply burn the entire monstrosity down.

Some commenters had more constructive suggestions to offer.

‘I’m sure your husband is a lovely man. Plant some Virginia creeper or trail Chinese star Jasmine up the side, guarantee it will look great,’ one person said.

The new mother said the comments have helped her lighten the mood around her new eyesore even though some of the remarks were incredibly brutal.

She said her husband was aware of the newfound fame but doesn’t like any of the decorating ideas and is now considering moving it.  

‘The shed will move if it’s the last thing I do,’ she said.

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