I cleared my common skin condition just by changing what I eat, says West Ham director Jack Sullivan

SIMPLY changing what you eat can help cure common health conditions – and the proof is in the pudding, claims West Ham director Jack Sullivan.

The 22-year-old son of Hammers co-chairman David Sullivan says a "life-changing" food intolerance test helped rid his eczema for good.

Supply Life UK uses blood samples to detect food-specific IgG antibodies to 220 different foods.

In doing so, it can pinpoint what is potentially causing the symptoms of IBS, migraines, joint pain and bloating, to name but a few.

Throughout his late teenage years, Jack was plagued with eczema on his arms and the back of his neck, causing him to feel "self-conscious".

Jack told The Sun: "When I was eight I started to suffer from eczema. I sort of outgrew it, but it came back with a vengeance when I was 17.

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"I went to the doctors a lot of times and kept being given different creams. The creams would just thin my skin, it never got rid of it.

"I always used to worry about what T-shirts I was wearing and how visible it was. I was quite self-conscious."

After Supply Life UK founder Ricky Singh made a visit to London Stadium, Jack was intrigued to try it out for himself and sent in a blood test.It proved he was intolerant to rice, nuts and cabbage.

After cutting the troublesome food out of his diet he's now living eczema-free.

I'm living proof food intolerance tests work."

But registered nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert insists visiting their GP should be everyone's first step in diagnosing food intolerances.

She says lifestyle factors such as how you eat, when, activity and overall diet are normally the key culprits. 

Rhiannon said: "Increasingly I am being asked on @Rhitrition and seeing clients at my Rhitrition clinic who are cutting out entire food groups in the mistaken belief they have an intolerance.

"The problem is that the result from the new intolerance test is often based on pseudoscience and consequently leads many people to cut out food groups unnecessarily, causing more problems, something which I discuss in my latest book The Science Of Nutrition. 

"Out of the countless tests available that supposedly "diagnose" any food intolerances, I am yet to find one that has  evidence behind them in regards to the accuracy of the results.

"In actual fact, self diagnosis may lead to certain nutritional deficiencies, particularly if you’re cutting out whole food groups.

"But Jack insists he and business partner Ricky – who launched Supply Life UK while suffering from IBS – are "living proof" their product works.

He believed in the product so much he invested in the business.

"Within three weeks of following the food plan and cutting out the foods, the eczema was gone completely," says Jack.

"When I'm holiday and break the rules by eating the foods I shouldn't, I will see the eczema start to come back. I'll be strict again and it improves.

"So to be able to go out and not worry about the way I look now is amazing.

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"My confidence grew and I wasn't so self-conscious anymore. To be able to get rid of it was such a weight lifted off my shoulders, not just physically but mentally.

"Another plus is that I have a lot more energy. The food I am putting into my body is now correct – I feel so much more focused and driven.

"So it was super helpful to me, not just appearance-wise but mentally. I could concentrate more."

And it's a good job too, after Jack was appointed to the board of directors at West Ham by his billionaire dad.

It's after he stepped down as managing director of the club's women’s team in June 2021 following a successful four-year run.

Jack has been working with the team since leaving school at 16.He gained fame for his work whilst starring in BBC Three fly-on-the-wall series Britain’s Youngest Football Boss.

"My dad has got an amazing drive himself, so I think it's been built into me to be the same," says Jack.

"It's been really exciting to watch the business grow and help thousands of people along the way. 

"If I can help a lot of people feel more confident when there's a lot of stigma around weight, then that's something to be proud of.

"We want people to be healthy and feel healthy in themselves, that's only going to help with a positive mindset and bring more positivity to people's lives."

  • Supply Life prices range from £134 to £239.

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