‘I couldn’t move after car crash so joined OnlyFans – now I earn a fortune’

A sex worker shared how a car crash changed her life forever.

Mia Miranda, from Vancouver, Canada, was bed-ridden for months after the accident in 2020.

As she was in so much pain, walking was difficult and she was unable to travel or see friends.

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So after seeking help from chiropractors and other health professionals, she decided it was time to grab life by the horns.

The dancer knew it was time to “go for it or live an unfilled life” – so she decided to kickstart her sexy career by joining OnlyFans.

Mia’s venture has proven very lucrative – as she’s now raking in thousands a week on the adult subscription site.

Speaking about the car crash that changed her life, Mia told Daily Star: “It wasn't until a few months later that I genuinely thought I was going crazy because of my constant headaches, random vomiting and just feeling delirious all the time.

“I finally had one of my chiropractors unofficially diagnose me because I had been coming in for neck pain for months that wasn't getting better.

“He started asking me about light sensitivity, nausea, and all the concussion symptoms. I finally started getting properly treated in April 2021 and have been in recovery since then.

“Emotionally I just felt like a shell of a person, I struggled to do anything normal and couldn't work or do household chores,” she explained.

“I'm such an active and ambitious person, and now even walking my dog makes me dizzy and exhausted.

“The other side of it was that my emotions were just wreaking havoc on my life, I struggled to have normal conversations without getting tired, I would get angry and irritated so easily.

“It was a long road of recovery but I'm grateful for my therapists and counsellors who helped me over the last two years.”

Mia makes £4,400 a week on the subscription-based site and £13,000 to £18,000 a week by dancing in person.

The brunette beauty loves that sex work has been an avenue for her to express her fullest self to the world. It's also given her the freedom to explore other passions like activism, singing, songwriting, travelling and education.

She particularly loves creating custom content for her fans.

“I love getting to try new things and open up my horizons of what is sexy or appealing to others,” she said.

“I've gotten requests for all sorts of things like getting custom scripts, talking them through pleasuring themselves, strip teases with specific clothing items and more.

“I also love shooting with other creators, it can be so fun to work with your friends, experience pleasure, and make money from that!”

Mia wishes people would understand that sex work is an incredibly important job.

No matter if a sex worker is having a good or bad day, they show up because they know there’s going to be a demand.

“We bring pleasure to the places it doesn't want to be, and that is critical for the survival of society,” she shared.

“I wish people understood that our job is not, and was never easy, but it is incredibly necessary. Society needs sex workers and we demand to be respected like any other important job.

“We are putting ourselves in very vulnerable positions constantly, and that is why we make good money. Not just for showing up and being hot, we make money because we work hard and put in the time and labour.”

She explained that many of the dancers and content creators she knows are sober, or business owners, mothers, homeowners, or are in school.

Despite what people might think, they are rarely out partying and neither are they not taking care of themselves.

Mia added: “I wish more people would give us the respect we deserve, and more platforms to share how we can make this industry even better for the more marginalised groups within it.”

Now Mia has released her new debut single, “Pu$$y”, which is available onSpotifyand other top streaming platforms.

She says that she specifically wrote the seductive track “as a celebration of women and all of their unique, diverse qualities, with empowering lyrics that praise our individual magnificence… just the way we are.”

The Vancouver-based star, who is currently in the studio working on a full album, is finally coming into her own as an artist.

“I always had self-doubt that I could make music a career because of the strict upbringing I had,” she explained.

“During my concussion recovery, I was fighting so hard to get back to a normal life.

“Recovering from my injury is a full-time job, sometimes with managing symptoms and all the therapies I do – vision, vestibular, physio, counselling and so on – and now that I am fighting to get back to a normal life, it needs to be a life I am obsessed with.”


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