‘I look like Cara Delevingne with bigger boobs – it’s ruining my dating game’

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    ACara Delevingne doppelganger “with bigger boobs” said she’s “flattered” – but finds dating tricky as men obsess over her.

    Reilly Harrison, 25, from Dallas, Texas, said she often gets mistaken for thesupermodelthanks to an uncanny similarity to her trademarkeyebrows.

    The data analyst said that she’s “flattered” as strangers tell her that the pair share other striking features and mannerisms.

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    Reilly said she has even been encouraged to take a DNA after viewers spotted her gobsmacking resemblance on her social media videos.

    The Cara lookalike said: “I’m the Cara Delevingne with bigger boobs.

    “I’m like her American sister or cousin. People come up to me all the time and tell me I look like her. It’s flattering.”

    The English model, 30, first hit the catwalk aged 10 with Vogue Italia in – before making the switch to film and starring in the likes of Hollywood’s 2016 smash ‘The Suicide Squad’.

    But despite looking like the gorgeous model-turned-actress, Reilly finds dating “irritating”.

    She explained: “But I find it irritating when I’m trying to date. They all use the chat up line, ‘Oh my god, Cara Delevingne my celeb crush’.

    “They are fetishising their love for her. I unmatch with guys as soon as they use that line.”

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    The Dallas native used to want smaller brows when she was younger, but her mum, Mik, 50, warned her not to get them waxed or threaded.

    And when Cara and her bushy eyebrows exploded onto the scene, she was grateful she had left her brows alone.

    Reilly said: “I’m indebted to her. Big brows were suddenly cool. Her modelling career made school better for me.”

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    The 25-year-old explained her eyebrow maintenance regime, only using a little brush and trimming them twice a year.

    Reilly is desperate to meet the model and to see once and for if the likeness is the same in person.

    She concluded: “It would be cool to meet Cara face to face. I’m here if she ever needs a stunt model.”


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