‘I necked 20 tequila shots a day – selling sexy photos online got me sober’

An OnlyFans model has revealed how joining the adult site got her sober, after battling with an alcohol and drug addiction for years.

Jenna Madison says she now makes £32k a month, after a struggle with substance abuse since the age of 16 led to her downing "20 shots of tequila" every day at work.

She says pursuing a career on the adult site has given her something positive to focus on – helping her battle her inner demons.

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The 30-year-old influencer found joining Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) unhelpful, saying she felt "judged" for her then-job as a stripper, and often flipped between sobriety and addiction.

Jenna, who has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram (@didshereallyomgg), ended up spending a short time behind bars after regularly getting into brawls while drunk.

But now she says she has now found her "calling" and hasn't picked up a drink since.

"I would drink about 15-20 shots of tequila to get through my stripper shift," Jenna told NudePR.co.uk.

"I’d drink a lot at work to make myself seem more fun and I thought I would make more money if I was drunk."

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"Outside of work, when I was out with friends, I’d be downing all kinds of drinks at the bars and mixing liquor.

"Anything could set me off and I would end up in a fight or doing something stupid.

"There was this one time at a bar, I thought a girl was giving me a dirty look, so we got into a fight – then these two guys came and grabbed me and I tried to fight them as well.

"I went to prison for two hours and I was screaming in the cell, I felt like I was going crazy in there.

"I also once attacked three security guards at a casino — I've had seven battery charges to my name."

Jenna, from Chicago, US, was also doing cocaine and taking prescription drugs from age 19, and knew that her life would take an even darker turn if she didn’t change her lifestyle.

By the time she turned 24, she was a "full-blown" alcoholic but finding a passion she could pour all her energy into kept her from making the same mistakes.

She said: "It wasn’t until I made an OnlyFans that I got sober completely.

“It genuinely made me so happy and I wanted to work really hard and stay focused.

"I knew it would be a life-changing experience if I really gave it my all."

“Suddenly I noticed four months had gone by without me having a drink.

"I’m over a year sober and now I don’t even think about alcohol because I’m still so focused on my page and continuing to grow it.

"There is absolutely no craving or need for it anymore, it’s like it has totally diminished from my life."

Since joining OnlyFans in early 2022 Jenna now makes between £20,000-£32,000 ($25,000-$40,000 USD) per month on the racy site.

Despite her professional success, the model's road to sobriety has been far from easy.

She said: "I was in AA for two years and nothing could keep me sober.

"It did help me a lot in the beginning but eventually most people turned out to be very judgemental and stopped talking to me because of my work.

"When I opened up about my job they started to pull away and slowly cut connections with me.

"After leaving AA, I briefly relapsed for a year and the drinking cycle continued.”

After finding a solution that keeps her firmly booze-free, Jenna is focusing on the positive side of having a job that gives her so much freedom.

And she says being open about addiction has also brought her closer to her fans.

She said: "It's been extremely positive, it's a whole new income for me, but I'm still stripping because I love cash.

"I bring my business cards to every lap dance and give them one – they usually end up subscribing later."

"I talk about sobriety a lot with my fans, I like to mention that I'm sober just so that they can get a better idea of me.

"And also if they're sober too they can like open up to me about it because I know it's not an easy thing.

"I like to encourage them and say ‘keep up the good work.'“

Jenna has no plans to stop stripping or doing OnlyFans anytime soon and says her huge workload keeps her from ever wanting a hangover again.

She added: "When I first joined I told myself, ‘put all of your effort into this’.

"I thought if the women at the top can do it, so can I and I don't have to be famous. I could just utilise social media, so that's what I did.

"I would post on social media sites and forums about 200 times a day and I worked my platform up, and because I was working so hard at making content I didn't even think about drinking.

"Plus, if I drink, I would be too hungover to do all of those things.

"OnlyFans got me sober, which is pretty cool."

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