I put away £2 every time it rained in the UK – here's how much I saved

ONE TikToker has coined a new savings challenge that could leave Brits quids-in – but it all relies on mother nature.

Under the name Savewithelvs on the viral video platform, she explained how she stashes away £2 for every time the heavens open.

When she teased the challenge in a previous video she said: "We all know what the UK weather can be like," alluding to the typical rainfall we see in our famously wet country.

In true fashion, many parts of the country were left wading in floodwater over the weekend after a week of heavy rain and dozens of flood alerts were even issued.

But the frequent bad weather can come in handy if, like Savewithelvs, you use each wet play day as an excuse to pocket some pennies.

In a video that racked up over 600 views she explained exactly how she puts away a small fortune that she otherwise wouldn't have had stashed.

Everyday that rain fell in the UK she would add £2 to a savings account.

In one month alone she managed to pocket £24 as 12 days, almost half the month, proved to be particularly soggy.

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In the video she documented the wet weather outside, followed by proof of inputting the promised £2 into her Monzo account.

This carried on throughout the typically dreary month of November.

So if you followed the same steps you could save up to £62 a month should the country be unfortunate enough to have a full 31 days of wash-out weather.

Of course, you can set your own goal and could stash away more than £2 every day it rains, or less if your budget doesn't quite allow for that much.

It's not the only savings challenge out there either, and there are similar ways to save money that don't rely on rain or shine.

One family to saved up over £600 in time for Christmas last year with a 1p savings challenge that meant they had to add a penny a day to a savings account.

On day one you save 1p, then day two its 2p stashed away, and day three it's 3p and so on.

There's another version of the challenge you can take on that means you pocket a pound a day too.

It works in exactly the same way but instead of pence, on day one you add £1, day two it's £2, and so on – but you'd save an impressive £1,456 by the end of the year.

With the New Year having officially kicked off, many other aspiring money moguls say you should pick up the habits now to leave you quids-in.

If you're thinking of taking on any of the challenges, you'll have to start now, as the clock is ticking and every day of 2022 counts towards the end total.

We're already four days in so you may have lost that much of your total with the late start.

But many parts of the UK had a slight sprinkling this morning, and there's always likely more rain on the way, so it's not too late to cash in – it all counts.

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