‘I share a bed with my guinea pig Gabby – but she ate my fringe and I’m fuming’

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A lot of people are close with their pets, with some allowing them to sleep beside them at night.

However, one woman admits she was fuming after her guinea pig – who she sometimes sleeps next to – ate half of her fringe.

Gara Sullivan, a permanent makeup artist, took to TikTok to moan about the situation.

She told her followers: "So sometimes when I'm drunk I like to get my naked guinea pig out and sleep with her on the floor lol I know crazy."

Gara, who uses the handle @garasullivan, then shared a picture of herself with her guinea pig Gabby, who has less fur than most guinea pigs as she is a skinny pig.

These have hair on their muzzles, feet, and legs, but are mostly hairless.

Carrying on with her story, Gara added: "So on Thansgiving day I wake up to pee and catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror.


Outraged Gara then showed pictures of her new tufty fringe sticking up.

Gara found bits of her own fringe on the floor, as she added: "She didn't even eat the hair she just nibbled it off."

People were in stitches over the video, as one wrote: "She wanted you to look like her."

While another told Gara that guinea pigs often cut each others hair to keep their fur out of their eyes so they can see better.

Others claimed guinea pigs do it to show dominance.

And some labelled Gabby the guinea pig 'the midnight barber.'

Carrying on with the joke, Gara even posted a video later on of her guinea pig chewing, with the caption: "My bangs point of view."

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