I want to help my daughter who's making really bad choices with boys and pals

She’s always been a loner and she was bullied at school for a few years. It sapped her confidence but eventually we got it stopped.

She works in a shop and she’s started hanging around with a gang who have a bad reputation.

Her boyfriend doesn’t work and he smokes weed. He speaks to her in a disgusting way and he has anger issues.

It’s breaking my heart. I’m 48 and a single mum. When I tell her I dislike her friends, she swears and tells me to butt out.

She’s worth a million times more than this.

DEIDRE SAYS: You can’t choose her mates. She’s had a tough time and never had a true friend but now she’s found people who are accepting her but aren’t liked in the community.

She’s crying out for attention.

Don’t run down her boyfriend but try to help her find a new interest which really lights her fire – a new hobby or sport (and where she can make some other friends you’ll like more, but don’t spell that bit out).

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