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A CHEF who worked in a Wetherspoons kitchen for five years has revealed which dishes you should avoid – and the bizarre way the chain cooks eggs and peas.

The man, who claims to have worked in Wetherspoons kitchens across Scotland, also shared shocking stories about some of the customers he dealt with.

He took to Reddit to answer everything Spoons fans wanted to know, and some things they probably didn't.

The chef said: "The pizza is decent, and the curries aren't bad for being microwaved.

"I'd avoid the steaks, I never ate one but I thought they looked awful.

"The beef burgers are cooked fresh, they're not the best but for the price they're not bad.

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"It gets more dicey when you start going for chicken or veggie burgers.

"Most of the food is heated up in the microwave or deep-fried, but the burgers, steaks, paninis and pizzas are done from scratch. The fish is also battered fresh."

"Believe it or not the bacon is actually cooked fresh, I found it hard to believe myself."

The Wetherspoons veteran also revealed the bizarre methods the chain uses to prepare some of its customers' favourite dishes.

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He said: "We fried eggs on a flat-top grill thing, but we did scrambled and poached eggs in the microwave.

"The poached eggs came pre-poached – it was always funny watching managers try to come up with excuses for how we could serve fried or scrambled eggs but not poached, or vice versa.

"We tended to keep peas on the boil all shift. Almost all of the time the customers were too p***ed to notice so we could just bounce the ticket without actually giving them the peas.

"I've never understood why people order loads of peas to other tables.

"It was a laugh at first but got a bit stale after a week."

The chef said: "I've got so many stories and great pals from working at Spoons.

"A lassie once came into the kitchen absolutely steaming and swung for a manager because her fish was cold.

"I had a whole table of five send their food back three times when I was doing a breakfast shift, because the black pudding was 'too crumbly'.

"We never messed with a***y customers' food in the Spoons I worked in, but I can't speak for the rest of them.

"I've done plenty of cover shifts in small-town Spoons around Scotland, and some of the staff in them are proper freaks."

The chef added that there are some dishes which customers should be sure to avoid.

Despite some of the questionable kitchen techniques he encountered, the chef has good memories of his time at Wetherspoons.

He said: "I can't lie that it was a graft – I've still got scars from burns four years ago.

"I wear glasses now and I'm sure looking at those Wetherspoons plates all day is the reason why.

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JD Wetherspoon has been contacted for comment.

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