Identical Twin Sisters Who Married Identical Twin Brothers Are on a Joint Honeymoon — at Disney!

Earlier this month, identical twin sisters Krissie and Kassie Bevier wed identical twin brothers Zack and Nick Lewan in a pair of back-to-back, headline-making ceremonies. Now, the new couples are wrapping up their honeymoons with a trip to the most magical place on earth: Walt Disney World.

Krissie, Kassie, Nick and Zack, all 24, were expected to spend just a few days apart before meeting up again for a double-honeymoon at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Over the weekend, parkgoers were seeing double as the smiling pairs enjoyed the Magic Kingdom — wearing matching Mickey and Minnie t-shirts.

The women even sported white mouse ears with veils hanging from the accessories.

“We’ve been here, but to experience with them, it’s a whole new experience for us too,” Krissie (who married Zack) said of herself and her sister, according to Disney Parks Blog. Kassie added: “Anniversaries, birthdays, any time we can find an excuse, we would love to come back.”

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The trip marked Nick and Zack’s first time at the theme park, but Krissie and Kassie were more than happy to show their new husbands around. After hopping on several rides, the crew had a special meet and greet with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They posed for photos and smiled alongside the beloved characters.

“That was, like, the highlight of the trip so far,” Krissie gushed. “I wanted to meet Mickey and Minnie so bad. Because I haven’t seen them since I was really little.”

She added that the pairs plan to bring their future children to the park — “We’ll definitely have a couple of kids at least,” Krissie said. Zack added excitedly, “We’ll definitely want our kids to come here.”

The Michigan couples first made headlines earlier this month, when news broke that the identical twins would marry in a pair of ceremonies just one day after each other (Zack and Krissie on Aug. 3 and Nick and Kassie on Aug. 4) in Grass Lake. They shared a joint reception.

“There is a woman at our church who was like, ‘You guys just need to marry brothers and get a duplex,’ ” Krissie told The Jackson Citizen Patriot. “And we were just like, ‘Oh, okay, that’s a funny story.’ But it just became our reality.”

The pairs first met in 2014 at Grand Valley State University, where they shared a psychology class. They went on their first date at a Sunday church service and, last February, got engaged at the same time, according to WILX.

Although they said they do everything in twos, the pairs hold that they’re quite different.

“We’re not the same people. We’re actually very different — like night and day, when it comes to some personality traits,” Krissie told the Patriot. “Yes, we look alike. Yes, we have very similar interests in things. But we are very different people.”

Zack echoed Krissie’s statements to WILX: “We are all individuals. We work differently and we have different interests, and just respect each other for those differences.”

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