Idris Elba Gets Help From Old Spice Stud & Dos Equis Legend For His 1st Super Bowl Commercial

Ahead of Idris Elba’s first Super Bowl commercial for, the actor turned to ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’ and Old Spice’s towel-clad spokesperson for advice!

You would think that Idris Elba would never need help with anything. The Luther star radiates confidence and comes off like he could do anything with ease and grace. Yet, in previews for’s Super Bowl LVI commercial, Idris, 49, needed a bit of a pep talk before filming the spot. So, who better to consult than two icons of the advertising game: Jonathan Goldsmith, aka Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man In The World;” and Old’s Spices’ “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” Isaiah Mustafa. Unfortunately, Idris’s attempt to pick these legends’ brains goes south quickly.

“Are you going to be wearing a shirt?” asks Jonathan, asking the question that many of Idris’s thirsty fans are probably wondering. “Are there going to be any singing animals?” asks Isiah, who also wonders if the commercial will include “fiery explosions” and “cars driving in, with people jumping out, maybe paragliding?” Idris, quickly realizing that these gentlemen might have confused this spot for the next Fast & Furious film, finds himself frustrated at the end. However, things are much better in the second preview.

In the second teaser, Idris practices saying his catchphrase — “Booking.yeah” – in front of Jonathan and Isaiah. The two veterans aren’t impressed with Idris’s first attempt (“Seven,” rates Jonathan, while Isaiah gives it a “Six.”) However, once Idris goes down into the lower registers of his voice, he finds gold. “Stop. You’re giving me tingles,” says Mustafa. “I got a little tingle!” adds Goldsmith.

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