If You Miss Your Partner When You’re Apart For The Summer, Send Them These 18 Texts

As all the characters in Grease will tell you, summer lovin’ can be a blast. That is, of course, if you and your boo are remotely near each other. Whether you or your partner are interning in different cities, or going on traveling adventures with separate friend groups, it’s not always easy to soak up the sun if you miss your partner when you’re apart. Of course with today’s technology, you and your partner can stay totally connected throughout the hot weeks of summer. From calling, to FaceTime, to sending little voice notes throughout the day, your phone can help you feel close to your boo all through the summer, even if you’re physically far away.

From silly texts to sexy sexts — sending messages to your boo can be a great way to connect throughout the day when you and your love are parted by time and space. Sending a cute text when you miss your partner can be the perfect way to feel closer, and to express your feelings for them under the hot, summer sun.

Here are 18 sweet and sunny texts to send your partner when you’re apart for the summer and you totally miss them.

1. A Punny Hello

2. Safety First!

3. Nature Calls

4. Keep Up The Heat

5. Buzz Buzz

6. If You Like Piña Coladas

7. Grab Your Sunnies

8. Show Me Your Tan Lines

9. The Air Is Conditioned

10. Water Safety!

11. Pack A Lunch

12. Beat The Heat

13. Are You A Lifeguard?

14. You Can Hear The Ocean

15. O’ Captain

16. A Shakespeare Summer

17. Slip N’ Slide

18. A Missing Popsicle

Of course, a simple "I miss you!" or "Thinking about you today," works too. Whatever you’re feeling, chances are your partner will just be stoked to hear from you. And remember: if you’re missing your partner on a hot summer day, they’re only a quick text away.

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