If You’re Missing ‘Bold Type,’ Check Out This New Amazon Series

The world is full of sitcoms with interesting premises, but some ideas are tried and true models for success. For example, no one can resist a story about four women with different careers, personalities, and motivations coming together for wild adventures and solid friendship moments. The Golden Girls, Living Single, and Sex & the City feature a friendship quartet and have all become sitcom staples over the years. Now, it looks like Amazon Prime is trying to modernize that magic with Four More Shots Please, premiering on Jan. 25. The response to the series will be revealed soon, but will Four More Shots Please return for Season 2? Right now, there’s no indication that this show is a miniseries but the details about another season are not available at this time.

According to The Indian Express, Four More Shots Please follows the lives of four millennial women in Mumbai who are dealing with their own issues. They link up frequently at a local bar named Truck to dish about their sex lives, career woes, family feuds, and the struggle to balance being a modern woman while maintaining ties to tradition over a ton of drinks. It’s an interesting and semi-realistic premise that brings a different perspective to this genre for American audiences. And, who can resist a story about women loving, laughing, and living life with their besties at their side?

Four More Shots Please’s official trailer gives a bigger peek into the show’s humorous tone and formally introduces viewers to each character. First, there’s Anjana, a single mom whose sex life has been nonexistent since she had her daughter four years ago. Then, the clip introduces Damini, who is the successful, ambitious friend (there’s always one, right?) who not-so-secretly wants to really let her hair down and make her racy dreams come true. Umang is the tattooed, bisexual, and carefree chick who is constantly looking for her latest adventure. Obviously, she’s the fun one out of the crew.

Last but not least is Siddhi, a virgin who has a bad relationship with her overbearing mom. The ladies are seen swapping stories over shots, dancing on the bar, and going on wild vacations in between tense individual moments. Damini will have to fight for her place at work, Siddhi is being pressured to find a husband, Umang is in a torrid love affair, and Anjana is trying to get her groove back.

Yeah, the characters seem to fall into some pretty typical stereotypes, but there is probably much more to them than a quick description can provide. Four More Shots Please could also be the perfect dramedy to escape from the world’s endless problems. And, if enough fans tune in for their adventures, then this could be the beginning of a long-lasting friendship story.

The news about Four More Shots Please Season 2 is currently unknown, but fans will get at least 10 adventures with this fun-loving and unlikely crew. Watch all the action go down this Friday on Amazon Prime.

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