Iggy & Tyga Have Been Secretly Hooking Up For Months — Why She Won’t Commit To Him

Iggy Azalea and Tyga have reportedly been more than friends under the radar for a lot longer than most people realize but they’re taking things slow for a very important reason.

Woah! Iggy Azalea, 28, and Tyga, 28, may have just started to make headlines for filming their steamy new music video together but it turns out the reunited lovebirds have been secretly close again for quite some time! “Iggy and Tyga have been secretly hooking-up for months but she’s keeping it very casual, no strings and no rules,” a friend of Iggy’s EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He’d love to lock her down but she won’t commit. She doesn’t trust Tyga, but it’s not becasue of anything he’s done. She doesn’t trust men period after everything Nick (Young) did to her. She’s still not over the pain of that and her defense mechanism is to not let any guy get too close. Tyga’s for sure paying the price for what Nick did. But it’s not putting him off, if anything it’s making him want her more. They’re not a couple yet but Tyga’s not giving up, he wants to make her his girl.”

While it would be great to see Iggy and Tyga back on the love train, we can definitely understand why Iggy feels the way she does. After Nick reportedly cheated on the sexy singer and got caught, it’s safe to say that having her guard up is a way she can protect herself until she fully trusts any man she dates! She totally deserves the best in a relationship so she shouldn’t settle for anything less no matter who catches her eye.

Despite Iggy’s precautions in romance, the blonde talent has definitely proved she’s still as confident as ever in her body. Her recent Instagram pics and videos have been insanely hot and remind us why she often makes big impressions. From jiggling her behind in an eye-catching video to strutting her stuff in totally nude pics, this girl knows how to flaunt what she’s got!

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