Ikea recalls thousands of mirrors due to risk of ‘lacerations’

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Ikea has issued a product recall on its Lettan mirrors because the mirrors break and may cause lacerations. The Swedish furniture maker warned the plastic fittings attached to the mirror may break, posing a “laceration hazard”.

Ikea has received 55 reports of the plastic fittings coming loose and coming off the walls and is asking people to “immediately stop” using the mirrors. 

The mirrors are frameless and are around 38 inches wide. However, the item’s width can be sold in four opinions of being 23, 31, 39, or 49 inches wide. 

The specific mirrors that are being recalled have a four-digit stamp on the back which represents a date.  The first two digits represent the year the mirror was made and the last two digits represent the week the mirror was manufactured. 

The mirrors being recalled will have a date stamp before and including 2105. 

The mirrors could be found in both US and Canadian stores between December 19 and October 2022, It was priced between $23 and $56 depending on the size. 

The furniture store first put out the recall last week on March 16 and is offering either a replacement or refund for customers that bring their mirror back.

On its website, Ikea has said: “IKEA has received reports of the mirrors falling due to the wall fittings breaking, therefore posing the risk of injury. As such, we are issuing a recall for repair for the affected date stamps. 

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“Customers are kindly asked to carefully check the stamp dates on the back of their LETTAN mirrors following the instructions below and order wall fittings free of charge if affected.” We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Ikea has said proof of purchase is not needed to return the mirror and all customers will receive a full refund. 

Those that ask for a replacement will be given a free set of new wall fittings and instructions. 

Those that have the mirror can contact IKEA at 0203 645 0010 or can find out more information on the company’s website here. 

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