‘I’m 52 and I date men in their 20s for sex’

Patsy is a 52-year-old from Florida who proudly identifies as a ‘cougar’. She goes by @hellacougar on TikTok, posts videos of herself partying with frat boys, and has said her boyfriend is 21-years-old.

Patsy is proud of her partying lifestyle and has said she prefers dating men in their twenties. In one video, she uses a soundbite which says: “I am not a relationship person, I cannot wait to die alone, and I date younger men casually and recreationally for sex”.

The TikTok star has posted pictures of herself at her first frat party with what appears to be college students in swimsuits as they hold beers and vapes. She even jokes about her lifestyle and wears a baseball cap with the word ‘cougar’ on the front which she wears to parties.

In her videos, she has joked that 2023 will be the year of the cougar, and has said she is looking forward to the next frat parties as well as Spring Break. When she is not partying, Patsy uses dating apps to seek out her next young man but has been banned from Tinder four times.

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In one video, she says: “Why would a sweet, angelic 52-year-old like me be banned on Tinder four times you ask? It’s a great question, I would love to know the answer to it.”

She has a “couple of hunches” about why she may have been banned from the dating app. She explained: “Guys think I’m fake online when they see my profile, I think that’s because maybe they recognize me from social media and they are, like, ‘No way is she gonna be on Tinder.’ But, absolutely, I’m on Tinder.”

Patsy also added: “You gotta throw your line where the fish are, that’s the pool you gotta be fishing in…it is the finest source for younger men and it’s killing me not to have it.”

The TikTok star also believes another reason she may be keep getting banned from Tinder is “salty guys who like to mess with you and make your life a living hell.”

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Some people have not been that accepting of Patsy’s lifestyle, and have judged her for going to college frat parties.

One commenter said “She never grew up” while another person wrote: “This sh** is sad as hell. You know they were all making fun of her.”

However, Patsy has defended herself and responded to the criticism. In one video, she said: “I wanna address this comment about it being so sad and pathetic I went to a fraternity party this weekend and how everybody must have been laughing at me.”

Patsy then said: “Here’s the difference, I know it’s a joke. I know the jokes on me, I know the jokes on them, and everybody is laughing at it. The guys and the gals thought it was awesome, everybody was laughing, and everybody was taking pictures. “

She added: “Now, I’m also a smart lady. I leave there and have a very different life. College life? I don’t belong there, that’s not my life and those aren’t my people. I’m not foolish enough there, I dropped in and had a good time and then I go home and get on with my life and my clean house.”

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In response to being told she “never grew up”, Patsy said: “I did grow up. What did growing up mean to me? It meant I ended up in a very stuck and unhappy place. I was burdened by all the things I had created in my twenties and thirties to create success for myself…it was miserable.”

She added: “I was very grown up for almost my entire life, and in my forties and now fifties it’s been an entire regression back to figuring out who I am, what I love in life and just going for the wholeheartedly…that’s what growing up is to me now.”

While some people have judged Patsy, many more people in her comment section have applauded her. One comment said: “No explanation needed! Live your best life!” while somebody else said: “I think it was awesome and I stopped caring what people thought about long ago. If nobody gets hurt then it’s a great day.”

Another person commented: “The party poopers be hating, glad my generation is so welcoming to you, hope you had fun and I hope to party with you sometime.”

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