I'm thinking of cutting off my narcissistic mum who makes fun of my wonky teeth

DEAR DEIDRE: MUM is so narcissistic that I’m wondering if I should cut all contact with her now I’ve got kids of my own.

I don’t want her making their lives a misery too. She’s 63 and I’m 31. I have two kids, aged three and one.

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Mum puts me down at every opportunity. She preys on insecurities, like my wonky teeth.

She calls me “Nanny McPhee”, though she knows I hate it.

She also tells me it’s my fault my husband cheated on me. That really hurts.

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Just last week she made my son cry with her nasty comments. I’ve tried reasoning with her but she always plays the victim.

Throughout my entire life, I’ve never once heard her apologise.

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Try establishing some ground rules with her. If she won’t comply, limited contact might be for the best.

You can get support from myhorridparent.com, which will show you are not alone.

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