Influencer splashes £8,800 on dog – including Champagne and Gucci accessories

An influencer admitted she's splurged £8,800 on her dog – letting her pampered pooch indulge in Champagne and designer accessories.

Ju Isen Jonas, who boasts 1.5 million followers on Instagram, is often seen living the high life on social media.

Now it's her pet, Francisco, who also seems to be living a life of luxury too.

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The pets of celebrities often live extravagant, glitzy lives, and for Ju Isen’s ‘furry friend’, the little pooch seems to be living a more luxurious life than most of us.

From dashing pet accessories to luxury fashion houses – the doggy is living the high life.

But the bold way in which Ju Isen keeps her pet fed has sparked outrage on social media, as she claimed she doesn't watch the pennies when it comes to shopping for her pooch.

She has spent around $10,000 (£8,827.08) on bags and accessories for her pet, and she invests the same amount in feeding the animals.

Ju Isen admits she only buys the best brands for her dogs and – at her house – you'll always find the dog "Champagne" Pawrignon.

The non-alcoholic dog champagne contains salmon oil, and the dog also indulges in a little Caviar now and again.

"I want to provide my dog with what is best out there, as it was for me," she said.

"People are not in my house. I feed my dog however I want.

"He’s very well taken care of, and he has all my love.

"People don't understand that."

Some people have since accused the social media star of mistreating animals, but it doesn't seem like she'll be cutting back on the spending any time soon.

She also gives the pooch a weekly bath that costs around $130 (£115.73).

Ju Isen said: "Just like us, Francisco loves to be clean and feel fresh and have his nails clipped.

"I give my baby the pampered life he deserves."

Some of Francisco's favourite fashionable gifts also come from the iconic Italian luxury house, Gucci.

The pet also travels around in a Louis Vuitton classic dog carrier, and has a Hermès dog bowl made from oak wood.

The influencer continued: "Knowing how much our dogs improve our lives can be difficult to measure.

"They provide us joy and companionship every day, and he is my family.

"As his mother I try repaying his unconditional love and affection, improving his quality of life and offer him the best lifestyle.

"I don't care about the opinion of those who don't agree with my way of doing things.

"I'm the one who takes care of him.

"If I buy expensive things, that is my resolution."


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