Inside Kerry Katona’s luxury Surrey home as she opens up on her Christmas Day plans

Christmas is going to be very different for Kerry Katona this year.

The former Atomic Kitten star usually spends the festive period in hotels because of her pantomime schedule, but this time she’s taking a break and looking forward to being with her family.

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Kerry will be celebrating with fiancé Ryan Mahoney and her children, Heidi, 13, and Max, 12, from her marriage to Mark Croft, and six-year-old Dylan-Jorge, daughter of her late ex-husband George Kay.

Kerry’s mum, Sue, will also be there, although her daughters with former husband Brian McFadden – Lilly-Sue, 17, and Molly, 19 – will be in Ireland with their grandparents.

The mum-of-five says she always goes “above and beyond” for the kids to make up for the tough Christmases she herself faced as a child.

And while it will be her third Christmas with 32-year-old personal trainer Ryan, it’ll be their first spent in their new home as an engaged couple, after he popped the question in August.

Here, Kerry, 40, lifts the lid on her festive plans, her difficult childhood and tying the knot next year…

Merry Christmas, Kerry! What will Christmas Day be like in your household?

I’m normally the first one up and then the kids will come down and each have their own pile of presents to open. They’re not allowed to open them until I’ve got a bin bag in my hand for all the wrapping paper. We’ll open a bottle of champagne and have a glass in the morning and then we’ll get the dinner going while the kids are playing with their toys. It’ll be lovely.

You’re usually in pantomime at this time of the year. Will it be nice to be at home?

Yeah! I’m normally up north doing panto in the whole lead-up to Christmas, so it will be really nice. I was offered a socially distanced panto but I turned it down because we only moved into this house in March and I wanted to be here. Me and Ryan wanted a fresh start and to make lots of memories here together. But I did a Christmas panto online, so on Boxing Day we’re all going to sit down and watch me in the online panto.

Who gets most excited about Christmas?

DJ at the moment. But Heidi and Max are really excited too.

Will you be spoiling the kids?

Yeah. I always remember being in a refuge with my mum and we’d just got re-homed. I was only nine. The people from the refuge knocked on the door on Christmas Day with a bin bag of second-hand toys. We got a can of corned beef and some baked beans and I was really grateful. That’s why I like to go above and beyond for the kids – because I like to give them the Christmases I never had.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Every year we open a present on Christmas Eve and it’s always matching pyjamas.

Who will be in charge of the cooking?

Me. My mum will be here, so she’ll sit back and watch – but shout! She likes telling me what to do. But I enjoy it.

It’ll be nice to spend time with your mum…

Yeah. After the year everyone’s had, it’s nice we can spend the day with our loved ones.

Do you drink a lot at Christmas?

I don’t drink much but I will be having a drink at Christmas. I guarantee, once my mum gets here, that’s when the Christmas period starts!

Do you have any favourite festive memories?

I remember coming home from school, going to my nana’s and pretending I was Mary in the nativity play, when I was only a sheep. I made a song up to convince her I was Mary. Also, I used to live with my stepdad and they’d have big parties and all the family would come round.

Have you had a really bad Christmas in recent years?

Not really. But one year I had to ground both Molly and Lilly for the whole day. They got up ridiculously early without me and opened all their presents while I was still in bed. They had to stay in their bedrooms for Christmas Day. The whole build-up is to watch your kids open their presents and I made that really clear. It was very naughty of them. It definitely taught them a lesson.

Have you been missing any festivities because of the pandemic?

Well, because I’m always doing panto I’m never here for the build-up, so unfortunately I never get to do any of that anyway.

What have you asked for?

I’ve just got a new car, but Ryan and I agree Christmas is all about the kids. Me and Ryan have enough. We don’t need anything.

So you won’t be buying anything for Ryan…

I’ve already given it to him. I got him a martial arts body opponent bag and some socks. I’ve also bought him some extra surprises.

Do you think he’ll spoil you?

I’ve told him I don’t need anything this year. I’ve taken lots of stuff to a children’s charity shop and I think it’s important to give back.

You got engaged this year. How are the wedding plans going?

I want to go to Vegas, so we don’t need to plan. Neither of us want a wedding, we want a marriage. It’ll just be me, Ryan and the kids.

When do you want to get married?

We don’t know yet. We’re in no rush. It’ll probably be next summer.

What’s been the highlight of your year?

Taking control of my own finances. Thank God for OnlyFans for giving me the foundation to be able to take my finances into my own hands.

Finally, have you any New Year’s resolutions?

I made and stuck to one this year. I’d smoked 20 cigarettes a day since the age of 14 and I got up on New Year’s Day and there was one cigarette left. I smoked it and said, “I’m done.” I haven’t had a puff of one since.

Kerry stars in Celebs On The Farm, coming to MTV UK early next year.

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