Inside The LM10 Empire: These Ate The Biggest Businesses Owned By Lionel Messi

Lionel Andres Messi is an established brand name; the ace footballer has invested in luxurious hotel chains to tech startups based in Silicon Valley to promote sports ventures globally. 2016 saw him launching the clothing line Messi Store which caters to functionality mixed with a high-fashion. In 2017 he entered the hospitality and management world with a chain of boutique hotels – MiM. Recently, in October 2022, Messi announced that he would be investing in Playtime Sports, a Silicon Valley-based startup investment firm that will fund football-related tech companies and professional teams. As a soccer legend, he has conquered the football arena, and as a serial entrepreneur, he continues to capitalize on his stardom with futuristic business ventures. Let us look at his massive business empire outside the football court.

Playtime Sports investment firm is one of Messi’s lucrative post-retirement income streams. The Argentinian football star has partnered with venture capitalist Razmig Hovaghimian, who also partnered with him on Viki. The business duo sold the video site Viki to a Japanese e-commerce giant for $200 million in 2013.

8 A Global Chain Of Boutique Hotels

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According to Marca, Messi has invested in a luxurious global chain of boutique hotels called MiM. Partnering with Majestic Hotel Group since 2017, the ace footballer has converted iconic waterfront properties into chic staycations. The million-dollar-worth hotels come with watersports, golf, polo, and rental luxury yachts. The $26 million four-star hotel in Barcelona has 77 panoramic ocean rooms worth $144 per night. The Messi group also owns MiM hotels valued at millions in Spain, Sitges, Ibiza, Mallorca, Baqueira, and Andorra.

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7 Lionel Messi’s Merchandise Store

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According to Sports Bible, Messi launched an exclusive fashion and merchandise store with Tommy Hilfiger’s sister Ginny in 2019. The e-commerce store, The Messi Store, will feature sportswear, men’s wear, and women’s tops. The clothing line also houses limited edition deals with exclusive autographed merchandise by Messi. He models and promotes his brand on social media, also bespoke Savile Row tailors Richard James has partnered with the Messi Store to create a collection of fine suits.

6 The Football Academy

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The legendary footballer is set to start his football academy in the Catalan village of Garraf, Culemania. The Messi foundation is working on creating a 20,000 square meters football training academy which will also feature two fields, changing rooms, a parking area, and a residence.

5 The L10 Wines

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The ace footballer has created an exclusive flagship wine collection titled L10 wines, featuring intense aromatic fruit-forward wines. The L10 Malbec is known to have ripe red grape flavor along with notes of violets, and the L10 Premium Malbec has strong notes of plum, cherries, vanilla, and chocolate. The quintessential wines curated collection are produced in association with the Messi foundation, and part of the sales proceeds are used to fund the education and health of underprivileged children.

4 Messi’s Playtime Sports Investment Firm

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Messi’s long-time business associate and venture capital investor Razmig Hovaghimian is the brainchild behind the Playtime Sports investment firm in San Francisco. The main motive for launching Play Time Sports-Tech HoldCo LLC is to fund soccer technology firms or invest in teams. It has already set investments in two soccer-based startups:, which is an interactive gaming site, and AC Momento, a market app. Messi is committed to creating sole investments through this futuristic tech investment after his retirement.

3 The Messi Experience Park

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The $200 million worth of Messi experience park (MEP) is a valuable collaboration between MediaPro Exhibitions, Phoenix Group, and Messi Management. It is a lavish plan spread over nine hectares featuring hotels, residential areas, VR experience domes, flying theaters, and dark rides in China. Visitors will enjoy Messi-related football activities and adventure sports with cutting-edge technology. The main attraction is a 12,000 square meters landscaped play area and 25,000 square meters of public space.

2 The Jacob & Co Collaboration

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According to Forbes, Messi has entered into a profitable collaboration with luxury watch brand Jacob &Co. In 2019 the American brand unveiled the first exclusively designed limited edition series created in collaboration with Messi: the Epic X Chrono Messi. The 180-piece series included a $150,000 diamond-baguette-set version of the Epic X Chrono. The rare collectible includes features like the Argentine flag color scheme, and the 10-minute marker on the dial is offset in red to showcase Messi’s lucky jersey number.

1 His Lifetime Deal With Adidas

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According to The Sun, Messi has signed a lucrative $10 million per year lifetime deal with the sports footwear giant Adidas. The German sports manufacturer chose the legendary footballer to be the face of their brand. In 2015, he was the first footballer to release a sub-brand of Adidas in an exclusive, luxurious collaboration – the Adidas Messi. These special edition sneakers have been sold worldwide in Adidas outlets since 2017.

The billionaire footballer earns a mega salary playing for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain and endorsing A-league brands. Messi’s million-dollar business ventures continue to increase his estimated $600 million net worth.

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