Inside Vicky Pattison’s new luxury Essex home with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan

Former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has recently moved into a new home with boyfriend Ercan Ramadan in his native Essex.

Speaking exclusively to OK! online earlier this year the brunette beauty said of her new love: “I think he’s calmed me down!

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“We’re really stressed at the moment. We’re moving house and it’s the last thing we need. We’ve also just started doing a PT course together, training to be a PT. So we’re going to get fit together!

“It just feels like everything is happening all at once! We’re just excited to be going back to Essex.”

But now it has happened, as she showcased on Instagram to her 4.6 million followers, lets take a look inside…

The kitchen is very chic with a chrome oven and extractor fan as well as light grey cupboards and fridge. There is also a wooden floor in a light grey colour to match.

Obviously a keen cook after her stint on Celebrity Masterchef, Vicky has a rotating spice stand full of different offerings and a brand new set of knives from Viners cutlery which have rounded edges so as to make them safer.

Once the former Queen of the Jungle has cooked up a feast the couple can host friends to enjoy eating the delicious food in their incredible dining room. The space has an oval white marble table complete with white and blue dining-ware and surrounded by stylish silver chairs upholstered with a monochrome geometric pattern.

The walls are painted white and two industrial looking silver light fixtures hang from the ceiling. The room also looks stunning thanks to the inclusion of two large bunches of white roses.

From this angle we can see that the rest of the open-plan room including a long L-shaped beige sofa and matching plush carpet. In the centre of the room is a metallic coffee table which has a book full of Vogue photography and behind it the pair have a side table to store bottles of liquor.

The couple's living room is very calming due to the minimalist approach to decor. The walls are painted a cream colour and the decoration is very tasteful and restrained with a black sculpture of a horse's head and a circular mirror taking pride of place on the white shelves.

Ever since Turner Prize winner Tracey Emin used neon writing to make her art, the medium has become popular for use in interior design. Vicky and Ercan have this trendy turquoise blue artwork which reads: "You're the gin to my tonic" and it is making us thirsty!

As for storage, the pair have the most enviable walk-in wardrobe. In this image we can see the 32 year old's vast selection of designer heels and trendy boots.

The space has a soft grey plush carpet and a large white unit with dual-level clothing rails and white drawers to keep intimates and accessories.

Their possessions look so neat because of the fact that their closet was recently organised by professionals, The Style Sisters. This duo specialise: "in the detox, organising and re-styling of your home and wardrobe."

We could do with that!

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